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Chapter 18.4

Patrick and Tristan rounded the hallway corner just in time for Tristan to have the wind knocked out of him by a blur of pink.

More people ran up as Tristan tried to catch his breath and hold on to the now wriggling pink lump in his arms.

Playing a hunch, he gasped out, “Fran, I presume.”

The wiggling stopped and a far too intelligent gaze captured his. He got lost in that gaze for a few moments before yelling got his attention.

“Fran, what have you been told about running in the hallways. You’re meant to be staying with your friends tonight.”

“But, Kitty, I wanted to meet Trissy.”

Tristan ignored the shocked gasps and the chuckling that he was sure he could hear coming from a certain vampire. Instead, he concentrated on Fran. “I’m Tristan. But I’m sure you knew that already. Why did you have to meet me so urgently?”

“You ‘posed to help me see mom again.”

Before he could answer Kitryn interrupted. “Fran, we had this conversation. Your mom is dead. She was killed by the bad people. She’s gone to another place now.”

Tristan shook his head. Fran wasn’t a baby, or even a toddler. She was at least six if not older. He couldn’t understand why some adults not only treated children like they were stupid but used silly terms like, gone to another place, and bad people. Why not just say the person is dead and gone? And why call the ‘bad people’ exactly what they were? Evil, manipulative, B—

“She is not gone!” Fran’s shout echoed in the small hallway. “She was here. She taught me to find Bad Lady. ‘fore Conny helped me. She showing me power. You no want me to know.”

Kitryn sputtered. “It’s not that I don’t want you to know about your power. You’re a child, you should be playing games, not looking for or helping to fight bad people.”

“Bad people want me. I fight them. I help. Help mage and Fae. You no stop me.”

The more upset she got the more her speech garbled, but Tristan got the idea.

“Fran, do you mind if I see your room? If I can sense your mom from her visit, I can set Kitty’s mind at rest.” He ignored the growl at the name he used and kept a smile on his face for Fran as she nodded enthusiastically.

He stood straight and set Fran on her feet. He let her take his hand to lead the way. He ignored everyone else as they trailed behind them. Fran may be a child but she was a seer too. Her power would protect her. That was what made the missing seers such a mystery. He still couldn’t work out how this Cheryl was getting the seers and not leaving any trace.

“My room,” Fran announced proudly and pushed open the door.

An immediate feeling of peace surrounded him. “No evil has been here.” He stated and moved further into the room. He went to one knee in front of Fran. “Can you please think of your visitor and try and call to her? If she is nearby she may come and set everyone’s mind at rest.”

Fran nodded and frowned in concentration.

A glow appeared beside Fran and slowly grew until it took the shape of a woman.

“Fran, what’s wrong darling? Why did you call me?”

Fran let out a low cry. “Kitty say you dead and gone away. He say I didn’t see you. He see you now.”

The glowing woman spun to glare at a sheet white Kitryn. “Kitryn Franklan Hermarn Gerald Jackier.” Tristan winced as Kitryn paled further. Everyone knew you were in trouble when a woman used your full name in that tone. “How could you tell your niece that? You know the basics of a seer’s power. I would have shown myself to you if I could, but I seemed to only be able to appear to Fran and only in this room. I know I asked her to keep quiet until I could get things figured out, but I didn’t expect you to react like this. But I see you have a mage here. If you can get him to boost Fran’s power I can stay and explain a bit better.”

Tristan snapped out of his shock and nodded. He sent a burst of power into Fran and felt it funnel out. The woman solidified and the glowed dimmed but didn’t disappear.

He also sent out feelers of magic into the room. He found wards of protection, and wards to boost power, and wards to aid focus. There was more but those were the most powerful ones.

“So, you had better let me explain what’s happened so far and you can fill in what you know. I don’t know how long I have so listen carefully, I will say this only once.

“I was injured in the attack on our home and I felt it when my mate was killed. However, by then I had already been caught by a mage. She’d surrounded me with some sort of shield, it stopped the breaking of the mating bond from killing me. They took me with them when they left. Before you ask, I can’t tell you where Cheryl is. I was knocked out. I’m kept in a three-story building with no windows for me look out of and get any idea of my location. I am forced to use my small healing abilities to try and keep multiple seers alive. You don’t know how happy I was when I felt Fran’s power rising and realized I could link with her. The night is the only time I’m left alone unless there’s an emergency. I’ve been trying to find out what I could and pass it on to Fran.”

Fran had curled up as close to her mother as she could and had apparently fallen asleep.

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