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Chapter 18.5

Jenny looked down at her daughter, and Tristan could see tears glinting on her cheeks. “I really don’t know a lot. The seers are all too badly drained to tell me much. I know Cheryl is using their powers to see what’s happening with her enemies, and that she has something planned that will be happening soon. I also know she has a mage working for her, but not willingly. I was ordered to treat a young female mage. Her name was Milly, she was very pregnant and the trauma of being taken brought on her labor.

She had a baby boy and she named him Michael. She said that was the name of her mate and then she told me she didn’t expect for them to make it out alive and made me promise to protect the baby and the toddler who’d been taken with them. She wouldn’t calm down until I promised, and the baby was left with me when guards came to take her away again. No matter how much she cried and begged they wouldn’t allow to even give him a cuddle goodbye. The last thing she called out was for me to remember my promise.

“The baby and toddler, whose name is Ophelia, have been set up in the room next door to mine. They are both calm and sleeping alright at the moment, but Ophelia keeps looking for her mother. She may not be able to talk much yet, but anyone can understand ‘mama’ and then a child searching around. I don’t know how much longer it will be before she starts to realize something is wrong. Children are more perceptive than an adult will admit.” This was said with a glare at Kitryn who hung his head and cast a pout through his eyelashes at Simon. Simon just chuckled and pushed him off the couch they were sitting on.

This seemed to break the cloud that had settled over the group and everyone chuckled.

Jenny stopped and seemed to be listening to something. “Duty calls, the baby is awake. I’ll come when I can and Kitryn, remember to listen to Fran. A child she maybe but her powers are growing fast and she will soon surpass any seer I’ve met in my lifetime.”

The glow surrounding her intensified and when everyone had lowered the hands they’d used to block their eyes Fran was sleeping alone on her bed.

Simon ushered everyone out while Kitryn tucked Fran safely into her bed.

They all made their way silently back to the main room that had become their regular meeting room now.

“What now?” Simon asked when no one spoke.

Tristan looked at Patrick and at his nod spoke, “Patrick and I know Michael and Milly. I went to school with Michael and I stood for him when he had his mating ceremony with Milly. Patrick told me Michael was the mage who set wards around the compound.”

“But you said there weren’t any wards around the compound,” Simon pointed out.

“I know. Patrick and I had just decided Cheryl must have Michael and have a way of making him do what she wants. Fran’s mother confirmed that and told us how he is being controlled. He’s obviously taken down the wards, but the wards surrounding Fran’s room and how they’re keyed to work are the strongest I have ever seen. I don’t know how he knew she was here or how to find her, but nothing can get to Fran in that room and there are extra wards to increase the strength of her gift. Essentially that room is the safest place on the compound for anyone we want to keep hidden from Cheryl. As soon as I have rested I will restore the wards around the compound and add a few modifications so Michael can’t be forced to break them. But, at this moment I am afraid I need to head for bed. Patrick, I take it I have my usual room?”

At Patrick’s nod, Tristan headed out the room throwing a “Goodnight all,” over his shoulder.

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