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Chapter 19.1

Tristan blinked awake when he realized someone was in the room with him. Casting his magic out he frowned when he got a familiar feeling from the person but couldn’t place them.

“Who’s there?”

A face appeared over the edge of his bed and he let out a very manly squeak.

“Fran, what are you doing in my room? You almost gave me a heart attack.”

Tristan stopped talking when he saw her eyes in the dim moonlight filtering through the lone window.

“The time is near for magic to fight magic.

“Mind will fight mind

“And life as it is known is at risk

“Protect and follow the innocent mind”

“Shit!” Tristan leaped from the bed in time to catch Fran as she fainted. He tucked her into his bed and after making sure there wasn’t anything she could hurt herself on in the room he headed out to find help.

It wasn’t long before he started hearing voices calling out frantically.

“Kitryn, Simon,” Tristan yelled. “She’s this way.”

Within seconds Simon appeared in front of him, closely followed by Carl, then Kitryn and Patrick.

Kitryn grabbed him by the front of his t-shirt. “Where is she?”

Tristan sent a jolt of magic through Kitryn’s hands to make him let go. “She’s asleep in my bed. She came to my room, had a vision and fainted. Now you can either stand here and question me or you can go and get her. When she’s awake I’d love to find out how she got through my locked door and wards.”

Kitryn shook his hands, probably from the magical jolt and nodded looking suitable cowed.


A few hours later and everyone was gathered in the main meeting room. Meg had stayed with Fran and had promised to bring her to the meeting when she’d woken up and had food to regain her energy.

Tristan repeated the words Fran had said and Carl wrote them down. They then got down to the business of deciphering what they could mean.

“Well, I think it’s obvious,” Patrick stated. “It means those with mind magic will fight each other. And we need to protect Fran. She has to be the innocent mentioned.”

Tristan pinched the bridge of his nose. How could the elder be so old and have so many mage friends and yet remember none of what he was taught by them?

He swallowed a sigh and told himself to have patience. “Pat, come on, you know magic doesn’t work like that. Besides, what do you define as mind magic? Seer’s have mind magic, but not all seers are mages. Healers have mind magic, they use it to calm their patients. I have mind magic, I can conjure images that I can then let other people see. Shifters use a basic form of mind magic when they true-mate to create a bond between them and their mates. Need I go on?”

Patrick waved a hand. “Okay, so I may have generalized too much. You and Milly are too alike, you know that?”

Tristan grinned. “Well, if you listened when we told you things, we wouldn’t have to repeat ourselves.”

A knock on the door forestalled any more conversation.

Fran entered towing Meg along by one hand and holding a half-eaten sandwich in the other.

Now the discussion could begin in earnest.

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