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Chapter 19.2

Here Kitty Kitty, Chapter 19.2, By Carol Pedroso

Fran sat next to Meg and continued eating her sandwich as she looked around the table.

“Where, Conny?” she asked between bites.

Tristan suppressed a laughed when he realized she meant O’Connor. “O’Connor is on his way. I sent a spelled necklace to the infirmary and told the medics to give it to him as soon as he woke up. I felt the spell activate about twenty minutes ago. The necklace will suppress the mate bond enough to alleviate the pain he is experiencing.”

Everyone nodded, including Fran who’d finished her sandwich and was now munching on a packet of sweets that had appeared from who knew where.

Patrick read out the message Fran had delivered again for Meg and Fran—who said she never remembered what she’d said when in a trance.

“I not the only in’cent,” Fran stated. “New baby and sister with bad lady.”

Silence met her declaration. Tristan sent her a smile. “Thank you, Fran, we hadn’t thought of them. The two children we know of—and there may be others we don’t know about yet—need protection.

“So, let’s make a list.” Tristan pulled a paper pad nearer to himself and stole Simon’s pen, ignoring the glare it earned him. “What questions do we still need answered?” Pen poised he waited.

“What is Cheryl’s end goal?” Tristan nodded at Simon and noted the question down.

Next was Patrick. “Where is her base of operations?”

Helen. “How many people are helping her?”

Kitryn. “And how many are there under duress?”

Meg. “What powers does she have access to?”

Simon again. “Where will she hit next?”

“How is she getting the seers that have been taken from their homes?” O’Connor spoke as he entered the room the large pendant Tristan had sent to the infirmary shone in the light as he sat.

Tristan nodded to O’Connor and noted down the question, before turning to a fresh sheet. “Now let’s think about what we know.”

O’Connor’s bitter voice spoke up first. “Cheryl is stealing powers and probably killing the victims in the process.” The fact his mate could be next at any time was left unsaid.

Kitryn. “They are trying to keep the victims alive, I would assume to try and extend the powers they can steal, and to that end, they took a healer.”

Carl. “They’re using hostages to ensure good behavior.”

Fran. “They keep baby.” Tristan sent her an encouraging smile as he wrote.

“If we can get the hostages out maybe the mage at least could fight back.” O’Connor pointed out.

Tristan nodded thoughtfully and turned to Fran. “Would you mind a roommate for a while? I think if I can be there when your mom visits again I may be able to set a tracking spell to find out where she is. It won’t be exact, but it should give us an area to concentrate on.”

Fran clapped in excitement. “Yes!” she squealed.

He held up a hand to try and calm her down. “I am not making any promises. But, I think I know a spell that should work.”

The rest of the meeting ended up going round in circles until O’Connor said he needed to head back to bed and everyone noticed that Fran had fallen back to sleep resting her head on the table.

Tristan headed out to find the book he needed to check on the spell he wanted to use.

Carl’s voice called out from behind him. “Tristan, wait, please, we need to talk.”

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