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Chapter 20.2

Tristan was furious. however, it was a toss-up as to who he was more furious at, himself or his mate. How dare the fanged bloodsucker speak to him like that. Who did he think he was?

Tristan had every right to think he was about to be told to not get his hopes up. After all, he was just a lowly mage. He was nobody special. His family had made sure to remind him of that at every opportunity.

He wasn’t smart enough. He wasn’t strong enough. He was an embarrassment to the family name.

He was about to bang again when the door was wrenched open and he found himself face to chest with his mate. Why was he angry with the sexy vampire?

“What do you want? Have you decided?”

Oh yes, that’s why he was angry with the idiot.

He shoved and was grateful when Carl moved enough to allow him to enter the room and shut the door. He knew his strength was nothing compared to a vampire’s and that if Carl hadn’t wanted to move Tristan would have had more luck moving a solid brick wall.

Once the door was shut, he spun to face his mate. “What gives you the right to say all that and then run away? You can’t just say you’re trying to seduce someone and then leave.”

Carl snarled. “Why not? You obviously had already decided to reject me. Or you’d decided that for some unknown reason I would reject you. You didn’t think to ask me what I was thinking. You made assumptions. I am one of the oldest vampires known to be around currently. I run my clan with the help of my bond mate and a council. I—”

Tristan’s brain shut down at the word mate. He knew it was too good to be true. His mate was already mated. As usual he was left with no one.

A hand shaking his shoulder snapped him back to the present. He shrugged the hand off and though he saw hurt pass over Carl’s face before an expressionless mask fell into place.

“You’re not interested in anything I’m saying, are you? Why did you chase after me? Why not just let me go if you aren’t interested?”

Tristan frowned. Something wasn’t making sense in all this. Why did it sound like carl wanted him? Did he just want a fling? Or did he want to keep Tristan as his dirty secret and set him up in an out of the way place where he would visit him for booty calls when needed?

“Are you even listening?”

The exasperated tone finally pulled his attention back to Carl.

“I don’t understand.” He finally managed to get out. “Why are you making me out to be the bad guy here? You already have a mate. So why are you yelling at me for assuming that I’m going to be rejected.” His voice picked up volume as everything he’d been thinking came out in a torrent. “If you think you will be able to set me up and only visit when the mating urges get too bad then you have another thing coming. I am no one’s dirty secret. I sit and wait for no man.”

“Where are you getting this from?” Carl yelled throwing up his hands. “I have never said I wanted you to be my dirty secret. I have never said I would hide you away. Do you even know anything about vampire mates? Once we mate, I won’t be able to feed from anyone but you. I would rely on you to go on living. By agreeing to mate with you I would be putting my very life in your hands. All you would have to do would be to walk away and I would be dead within a month at most. That would be if I didn’t go blood mad first and have to be put down to protect others. Now, why don’t you tell me what gave you these ridiculous ideas.”

Tristan swallowed. Only one thing kept circling his mind and he blurted it out without thinking about it. “You said you already have a mate.”

Carl frowned, then grinned. Tristan frowned, what was so funny? Did this fanghead think so little of his feelings? Did he think…

“I have a bond mate. Not a fated mate.”

It was Tristan’s turn to frown. “A mate is a mate. Once bonded the bond can’t be broken.”

Carl shook his head. “I think you have a different idea of bonded. A have a contract that says I am mated to Natalia until one or both of us meet our fated mates. Under high council law, fated mates trump any and all mating agreements signed before the fated mates met. My contract is called a bond. I gave my bond—or suspect you would call it my promise or my word—that I would share the ruling of my clan and any money made during our rule with her and she would do everything she could to support me and our clan. If we found the relationship became intimate, then any issue would become the heir of the clan automatically. However, since I prefer men and she women that never became an issue. As the leader of the clan, I can name anyone heir and I have been seriously considering naming Simon. Although, I would prefer you didn’t say anything until I have had time to train him more.

“Does any of this make things clearer for you?”

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2 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 20.2

  1. Judy Stone says:

    Caz, this is fabulous! So glad Carl and Tristan had a calm *snort* heart-to-heart about their mating. I gotta say, if my fated mate already had a bond mate, I’d be devastated, unreasonable, and loud! Hope they can get on with the claiming before something else goes sideways.

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