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Chapter 21.1

“Where do you need me?” Tristan yelled as soon as he spotted Patrick.

“Protect Fran and the other children. They are in the main meeting room.”

“On it.” He feinted right and stunned a vampire trying to creep up on Patrick, before spinning and taking off down the next hallway.

He ran as fast as he could while sending stunning spells at anyone not wearing a glowing blue armband. He sent a thank you to anyone listening that Kitryn had suggested everyone wear something to identify them as friends. With so many elders either in residence or expected, there were a lot of strangers running around fighting.

He skidded to a halt near the required doorway. He took only a moment to assess the fight confronting him before he waded in. He took out one enemy without being spotted but then all bets were off.

He managed to stun three more and the bear shifters guarding the door took out the last ones.

The sounds of fighting were cooling off and Tristan hoped that was a sign they were winning.

Tristan got the bears to shift and help him restrain the stunned enemy to be questioned later. They then dragged the limp beings inside the door.

The children were all huddled in a corner. Fran was talking to them waving her small hands around as she spoke.

Two more bears prowled back and forth growling.

“How are you all doing?” Tristan made sure to keep one eye on the door as he crouched down and spoke as cheerfully as possible to the kids. Some had shifted and others were clinging together.

Fran answered for them all. “We okay. Littlies scared but we sing.”

Tristan grinned. “Singing is good. Can you teach me?”

By the time that had taught him their ‘Bear is sleeping, don’t wake him’ song the sound of fighting had stopped.

The person through the door was Carl.

Tristan oof’ed and the children giggled as Carl swung him around and started patting him down.

He hit a ticklish spot and Tristan dissolved into giggles. He doubled over hitting the floor on his knees. The children took this as an invitation and soon he was in tickling hands.

“Uncle, Uncle, I give up.” Tristan managed to gasp out between laughs and trying to catch his breath.

A strong hand latched onto his arm and he was plucked from what was rapidly becoming an animal pile.

He looked up into Carl’s amused face.

Scowling he poked his mate in the chest. “I am not hurt, but if you’re not careful you soon will be, mate or no mate.”

Carl let out a belly laugh that made Tristan’s scowl deepen. Then Tristan grinned. “Keep laughing, mate. Of course, I may be busy for the foreseeable future when it comes to bedtime.”

He let the comment sink in. then he saw the light dawn in his mate’s eyes, and he stopped laughing. The light in Carl’s eyes brightened and he stalked toward Tristan.

Tristan backed up. “Now, Carl, remember there are little ones in here with us. We can’t—”

The rest of what he was going to say was lost in the kiss his mate laid on him. His brain shut down and everything narrowed to the tongue that was now fighting his for dominance.

The kiss ended when Carl pulled away with a hiss and Kitryn’s laughing voice echoed, “Get a room you two.”

“Don’t mind if we do,” Carl snapped, and Tristan found himself in his mate’s arms. The world whizzed by and Tristan hung on for the ride.

He hoped there be more rides in his near future.


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