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Chapter 21.3

Carl watched the emotions chasing each other over Tristan’s face. How could any parent be so stupid as to not educate their child properly on the power they could use and how it could potentially change as they grew? Not only was it neglectful and hurtful, it was downright dangerous. A being who doesn’t know their own power is a danger to themselves and others.

Carl had felt Tristan’s power during their claiming. There was no way his mate was only a level two mage. If he had to make an educated guess he would put his mate nearer to level seven or eight. Carl would bet his position as an elder that the reason Tristan was miss tested was that Tristan’s family didn’t want him to outshine them. Carl had heard of the Nirthfell family. If they were all level five and above then he would be very surprised. If what he remembered about the family was correct there had been a decline in the magic levels of the families mages in the last few generations. Jealousy was a common reason for making people feel less and something he’d seen a lot over his lifetime. It didn’t make it any better for Tristan though.

“When can I get retested? I take it I will need to go home for it to be done, so I will need to wait until his problem with the seers is sorted out.”

Carl frowned down at the top of Tristan’s head where it rested on his chest. “Why would you need to go home to be tested? Unless you want to show your folks how wrong they were the first time when they taught you to read the results. Since all you need is the spell and a drop of blood you can retest yourself anytime. Of course, I can also call in a friend to confirm your results if that would reassure you or you don’t know the proper spell. I’ve seen the spell performed a few times, but spell language always ties my tongue in knots.”

Tristan lifted his head to frown at Carl “Blood? They never used blood the last time. Our shaman—who is my second cousin—just chanted a spell over me and after conferring with my father he declared the results.”

Carl growled. “The spell is cast by the person being tested, after spilling a few drops of blood into some sort of container. I don’t know if the type of container or implement used to spill the blood is important. The blood changes as the mage chants. Each different change denotes a different level of the mage being tested. I think I need to make some calls. Even with the current troubles, I think I can get someone to pay a visit. And the extra power to help out would be welcomed in any event.”

Carl let out an off as he found himself with an armful of wriggling man and his face being covered in kisses, interspersed with whispered ‘thank you’s.

Carl pulled Tristan on top of him and hugged him close. “You never have to thank me, sweetheart. I will always do whatever is in my power to ensure you are happy and well.”

Carl smiled when that earned him a longer kiss and a contented sigh. Having his mate in his arms made the world seem a much happier place.


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