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Chapter 23.2

Kitryn sighed as he looked around the group sitting at the extended conference table. Three more elders had arrived. Elder Jamison was a fae representative who was also a friend of Carl’s; Elder Orion was a dwarf who was short even for his kind and had to sit on a booster seat to be able to reach the table comfortably. Lastly, there was Elder Dorian who was a Goblin. He had a habit of tapping his claws on the table and Kitryn was getting close to asking if someone had some handcuffs he could borrow.

Even with the extra people they were no closer to finding out where Cheryl and therefore the people she held captive, were. They’d been talking and talking for over two weeks and nothing new had come to light.

“Why can’t you doing a summoning for the missing fae Cheryl has under her control?” Simon asked after Jamison had finished explaining some of the fae’s more normal powers.

Jamison shook his head. “I would need to know he name of the missing person and have something of theirs to focus the spell. The fae may be powerful, but we do have our limits.”

Simon slumped in his chair and Kitryn rubbed his knee in sympathy. Every idea so far had been shot down for one reason or another.

Patrick clapped his hands together. “I think we need a break. Although this problem is of the highest importance, we won’t come up with ideas while we’re all sat in this room night after night. There is at least four hours until sunrise and so I suggest we all go and spend some time resting and reconnecting with loved ones. Any ideas can wait until our vampire friends wake up again at sunset.”

There were grumbles and Kitryn as fairly certain most people would just find somewhere quiet to sit and think up new ideas. However, he was going to take Paddy’s suggestion and reconnect with the kits. He and Simon hadn’t spent much time with them recently and he knew the kits needed to be reminded they hadn’t been forgotten.


“Ready or not here I come.”

Kitryn sniffed and chuckled when a voice rang out. “Kitty, that cheating. No sniff. Have to look.”

Kitryn made a show of covering his nose with his hand and looking around. A flash of fur had him darting around a corner and grabbing a mewling Nelson.

Nelson went limp in his hands and gave him a pitiful look making Kitryn chuckle. “Sorry, Nelson, someone has to be found first.”

He got a lick to his chin before Nelson jumped out his arms and went to curl up on the sofa.

Next he found Simon and Peter who were both hiding under a table.

Kitryn pulled Simon into a hug as Perter went to join Nelson. “Just Tristan and Carl to find. Fran decided to visit Hetty and her brood. How Nelson and Peter got Carl and Tristan to agree to play hide and seek is beyond me.”

Simon shook his head and they both started searching.

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