Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 23.5


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Chapter 23.5

Nev met up with Carl and Tristan after he’d found his room and some food. The two mates were still just as lovey-dovey as when he’d left them two hours before.

“Get a room you two.”

Carl’s answer was to flip him a middle finger while slowly pulling away from the passionate lip lock he was in with Tristan.

Nev got himself a coffee from the set up on the sideboard and got comfortable on one of the super soft armchairs near the settee Carl and Tristan were seated on.

“So, have you two actually discussed the results of the test, or have you both been too preoccupied?”

Tristan went a deep shade of red causing Nev to chuckle, seemed he’d got his answer.

“Okay, why don’ I go over the basics of the results and then you can ask questions?” They both nodded and Nev continued. “As I already told you, the test showed you are level twenty-one. Each time the blood changed colour it represented another level. The trance you ended up in was because the spell went on so long and it was pulling power from you to measure your power levels. That is why it is best to have a second person at all testings. Of course, the high council ask for a witness so a mage can prove the results they are reporting are accurate. So, either way, you look at it, having a witness is good. Now, the obvious thing is the higher the level the more powerful you are. It also means the more training you are going to need. Containing and controlling that much power takes practice and time. You seem to be doing okay at the moment but I will need to run you through some exercises just to be safe and to ensure you’re not in danger of unleashing power unexpectedly.”

Tristan was nodding. “I’ve had a bit of advance training on my travels. I’ve stopped in various places to help out with different incidents for the high council and do some freelance work. While doing that work I’ve met other older mages who were willing to pass on their training in return for my help with things. I know advanced shielding and a few advanced offensive spells. I’m quite willing to show off any time you want, and I’d be grateful for any pointers you can give for me to improve in any areas.”

Nev smiled. “That’s all good to hear. As soon as I’m fully up to date with the current situation, we’ll make a time to get a training room to ourselves.”

“That would be good, thank you. For the offer of training and for helping me with the testing. I still can’t believe that my parents would be a party to falsifying test results. What do they get out of making me look weaker? It doesn’t look good for the family, or for them.”

Nev shook his head sadly. “I’m afraid we may never know. We can try and find out after everything is over and things settle down. Thinking of the current situation I believe we have a meeting starting soon, shall we head there and continue this conversation later? I hadn’t realised how quickly the time had passed.”


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