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Chapter 24.1

Jenny kept her senses turned up full as she crept down the abandoned hallway. The dust was thick, showing no one had been down it in a long time, however, she didn’t want to take any chances. Faint voices pulled her forward and after a few yards, she put her ear to the wall.

She had to pull her head back slightly as Cheryl’s yelling voice echoed out.

“How did this happen? I told you none of those traitors were to be allowed to meet their mates.”

Another, quieter, male voice answered, “The cat met his mate before we even knew he’d survived and they arrived at the bear’s den. They were ready for the men we sent. Most were captured the rest were killed bar two who made it back. The mage they were sent after was far stronger than we believed. He was able to stun multiple men at once, he defended with spells far above the level two mage we were told he is supposed to be. His worthless father must have lied to us. As for the merman. I don’t know how he is still alive. The separation from his mate should have killed him by now, giving us one less elder to worry about. But, somehow, he is still living. I know it means we still have his mate but I don’t think the trade-off is working in our favour. she hasn’t had a vision for ages and the transfer spell has no effect on her.

“The vamp elder was supposed to leave the others when his mate was taken. Instead, he replaces her and we are no nearer to getting our hands on that little powerhouse they are protecting. Now even more elders have arrived and she is even better protected.

“We both know she should have been your daughter. If Mars hadn’t banished you so that tramp could take your mate, you would have given life to the most powerful seer this world has ever seen. You would have raised her. You would have rained her. And we wouldn’t have to do all this to get what we deserve.”

“Don’t you think I know that, you sod. How was I to know that snivelling idiot was going to meet someone and they were going to convince him they were his fated mate? I thought I had him cured of that nonsense. Why should we let some unknown deity control who we spend our lives with? I mean the bloke who tried to claim me was a loner! A loner for goodness sake. He moved from pack to pack, doing odd jobs and then moving on. He expected me to just fall in with him and go with him. Me! Roving the packs, no electric, no heating, hunting for my food. Like hell I was going to live like that.”

A laugh echoed out.

“He was so sure I was so hot for him I’d do anything, he didn’t even blink when the knife went in his chest. Just stared at me in confusion. Then the bastard I chose left me for some skinny bitch who smelled good. I need to get that child. With her by my side I will be able to join the pack of my choice. The high council will have to start listening to me if I control her power. They will have to make sure I have everything I want or I won’t ever let them see their precious seer.”

“You mean everything we need.” The male voice growled.

“Of course, Brother dear. You know I will never abandon you.”

Brother? Jenny held back a gasp. Why did she never know Cheryl had a brother?

A knock brought her attention back to Cheryl. “What?”

“One of the seers’ is awake again. You asked to be told.” The female voice sounded terrified and Jenny started to wonder just how many people were helping Cheryl willingly and how many were being forced somehow.

“I’ll be right there.”

Jenny head he door close.

“Let’s see what this seer can see this time. We need to take out some of these elders so the little brat loses protection. Then we can go in to get her.”

Their voices faded away as the door opened and closed again.

Jenny took some deep breaths before she started to make her way back to her room, she needed to pass his information on. Hopefully, she would be able to visit Fran tonight.


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