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Chapter 24.2

“Kitty. Simmie. Fran need you.”

Peter’s yelling brought the meeting to an abrupt end. Kitryn jumped up and was only beaten to the door by Simon because of his damn vampire speed.

He reached the doorway to see Peter in Simon’s arms talking so fast his words ere running over each other.

“Fran said find you. She say mama want you. You got to hurry. She say not long.”

“Okay, calm down. Deep breath.” Simon spoke softly in Peter’s ear. “Now, is Fran in her room?”

Peter nodded and Simon glanced at Kitryn. Kitryn nodded as well and they all headed at a fast walk up the hallway back to their rooms with the rest of the meeting participants following.

By the time they all piled into Fran’s room, they’d managed to lose about half their number. Those that stayed had agreed to update the others who were waiting in the living room as there wasn’t enough space for everyone in a child’s bedroom.

Fran was sitting in her mother’s glowing arms.

Kitryn felt tears threatening as he took in how exhausted his sister was looking. Even through the glow he could see her skin was pale and there were dark circles under her eyes.

Kitryn continued to catalogue Jenny’s features as she recited everything she’d overheard.

“The bitch is crazy,” Simon burst out. Then he flushed at the glare he received from Jenny for the bad language. “Sorry. But she is mad. If by some twist of fate she had been Fran’s mother then Fran wouldn’t have the power she has now. She got that power from her mother. Why would she think otherwise?”

Jenny shook her head. “I don’t think she is in her right mind. From what I know she was always a bit possessive and jealous. But this is something else altogether. Her brother seemed at first to be trying to calm her down. However, as I listened it seemed he was quietly egging her on.” She heaved a sigh. “Look, I can’t stay much longer, or I run the risk of someone coming in to check up on me. I will visit again if I hear anything. Let Fran sleep and remind her I love her when she wakes.”

Before Kitryn could form the words he wanted to say she was gone. What if that was the last time he saw her? Even if they rescued her, how long would she live with her mate gone? He’d lost her once, he didn’t think he could cope with losing her again. What about Fran?

He was shaken from his worries by Simon slipping an arm around his waist. “Let’s go join the others, Love.”

He let himself be led out of the room and listened as the meeting resumed in their living room with the new information.

“How does this help us? We already knew she was cuckoo. We need to know her plans.” The big troll was folded in half sitting on the floor.

“Since we know Fran is her focus why don’t we try the scrying spell that was suggested a while back. There would be no danger to Fran and with the Fae here we have plenty to magical power to both power the spell and to protect the casters.”

Tristan was looking at Kitryn as he spoke and Kitryn appreciated the attempt to allay any fears for Fran’s safety. However, nothing short of seeing Cheryl dead at his feet would calm his nerves now.

“How long will it take to set up for the spell? And can we wait for Fran to wake up instead of disturbing her?”

Tristan waved a hand. A few more hours are not going to make any difference. Let her sleep and let me know when she wakes. I will make sure everything is set up and ready to go at a moments notice.”

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