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Chapter 25.1

“So, we need a plan,” Kitryn stated to the gathered beings around the table.

Fran had been carried back to her room after much praise and handed over to Hetty who was watching all the den’s little ones for the day.

The meeting room was standing room only with all the elders sat at the table and all their enforcers and guards crowding into the rest of the room.

There had to be over a hundred brings crammed into the room but Kitryn didn’t care how many people there were as long they came up with a workable plan and soon. He wanted that bitch dead and out of all their lives.

“The plan is to kill that bitch and get back everyone she’s taken,” O’Conner rasped, echoing Kitryn’s thoughts. The elder was being sustained by Tristan’s potions but the strain was evident and getting worse with each day he was without his mate. “Of course, we need to ensure that she can’t ‘see’ or ‘hear’ everything we are talking about. Otherwise no plan will be good enough if she knows where and when we’re coming.”

“She can’t see or hear anything going on in the den anymore,” Tristan broke in. Everyone’s attention swung to him and held. “I finished the new wards while Fran was being settled back in her room. No one can get through unless they are authorized by me and no magic but mine can pass through either. No seer will be able to get more than fuzzy images and any viewing or listening spells will rebound on the sender. On the other hand, my spells and Fran’s seer sight will work perfectly. When we have a plan I think we should use Fran’s sight to check where all the players are so we don’t get any surprises.”

Kitryn nodded. “I have no objections if Fran wants to use her sight. However, I must be confident she won’t be in any danger. I know my sister wouldn’t want her daughter in any danger, even to save her own life.”

Tristan nodded. “That goes without saying. The little princess will be kept safe at all costs.”

“I want to be there when we move on her.” O’Conner’s voice was weak but determined.

Tristan frowned. “You know my potions can only accomplish so much.”

O’Conner gave a short nod. “But, my mate is being held by this woman. The closer I get to my mate the less your potions will matter because they will give me the strength I need. I will be there and I will get my mate back.”

Tristan nodded and Kitryn bit his lip. O’Conner looked terrible, but Kitryn knew if Simon had been taken he would plough through anyone and anything in his way to get to his mate.

“Right.” Tristan clapped his hands. “Here’s what I propose we do. Let’s see what you all think.”

Finally, they got down to the serious business of planning the downfall of the person who had been the bane of their existence for far too long.

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