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Chapter 25.2

Kitryn padded slowly through the dark, his paws silent on the gravel path. Simon was leading a team of vampires with Carl and Kitryn was trying to ignore the irritation of being separate from his mate when they were heading toward trouble.

The bears behind him grumbled and Kitryn hissed quietly, letting them know to be quiet. The wards concealing them would be a waste of time if they made too much noise and gave themselves away.

They made their way forward. Towards a house that had somehow been built in the middle of nowhere.

“How did she find this place?” Came Simon’s voice in his head making his hiss and jolt. Tristan had insisted they needed a way to communicate between beings that wouldn’t give away their positions. It had finally been agreed that all the team leaders and a designated second for each team in case the leader was incapacitated should be mentally linked. It was a temporary spell but a very disconcerting one.

“Try to warn me before you do that,” Kitryn grouched. “How will we keep to the plan if you make me give us away.”

“Can we focus please,” Came Carl’s stern voice over the link.

Kitryn felt Simon’s amusement before his awareness faded from Kitryn’s mind.

Turning back to the path he led his team to the edge of the trees. Their objective was situated in a clearing about fifty yards in front of them. The house was made of red brick and was two stories high.  There were window frames at regular intervals, but they contained no glass. Instead, they had been filled with what looked to be concrete, no entrance options there.

“I see four guards, two at each visible corner of the house. The windows are a no go just as Fran said. Moving to position two.”

Kitryn waited for all the teams to respond before signalling his team to move out. They stuck to the trees and made their way around the house. They found four more guards outside and relayed the information to the other teams.

“Two more have just come out the front door. Judging by their actions I assume there is no toilet in this place.” Kitryn held in a chuckle at Carl’s disgusted tone.

“There is one being on the roof.” Came Elder Jamison’s soft voice.

“Team one and two, take the guards at the front. Teams three and four take the ones at the back. Team five take the roof.” Tristan’s commands were snapped out and everyone answered in the affirmative before springing into action.

Kitryn joined his team with Carl’s. The vamps sped across the clearing and attacked the guards out the back of the house.

Using the vamps as a distraction the shifters joined the fight and they soon had the guards either dead or restrained. The vamps made sure each body and prisoner had a warding bracelet snapped on. They didn’t want Cheryl to know any of her guards were dead or captured.

Simon and Tristan soon joined them dragging bodies behind them.

“Let’s get these to the forest and we can move onto phase two.” Tristan turned to lead the way back.

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