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Chapter 25.3

Kitryn listened at the front door. “I can’t hear a thing. From what Jenny has told us the whole place seems to be soundproofed. She even has to have a baby monitor for the kids she’s watching over as she can’t hear them crying through the walls.”

Tristan frowned. “Hmm, there isn’t much I can do to negate soundproofing unless it is magically produced. I can’t feel any magical resistance, so I am assuming the soundproofing is physical.”

“What about if we strip one of those idiots back in the forest and one of us takes his place? We could—”

Simon’s voice interrupted Dorian’s idea, “Message from Fran, Cheryl will know if we replace any guards and we only have a while until she realises the ones’ we took out are out of action. She has a seer do a regular mental check on the security people.”

Kitryn swallowed a growl, glad they could receive messages from the den via Meg in the link but frustrated to be thwarted by such a mundane thing as soundproofing.

“What about the old fashioned way?” Orion asked, making Kitryn look down to meet the dwarf’s eyes. “We could just make a hold in the wall and peer and or listen through it. If one of us has a camera we could even post it in to try and see if the coast is clear.”

There was a stunned silence before Tristan’s silent chuckle echoed in his mind. “I think we all rely too much on magic nowadays. We need to remember there are other ways to do what we need. Now has anyone got a drill and something we can post through a hole?”

It took a while but they were able to cobble together what they needed and they soon had a small hole burrowed through a corner of the building into what turned out to be a storeroom. Tristan used magic to create a hole in the blacked-out window of the room and they all climbed in, Orion threatening anyone who laughed at him needing a boost to reach the windowsill.

Once they were all gathered in the small room Tristan replaced the glass and carl blurred out of the door to see what he could find.

He was back in minutes and they formed a tight huddle. “We can let the rest of our men in the back door. This floor seems to be deserted. I found a locked reinforced door to the west and I am guessing it leads down. If I had to guess I would say the main part of this hideout is underground and the guards are only up here when they are on duty. To get through the door we need one of the keys they prisoners have, and we need to know what we are walking into. Jenny and Fran were only able to give us so much.”

Simon held up a hand. “Message from Fran. Time running short, get through the door now and no one will see us. Apparently, Jenny paid another visit and Cheryl is busy with something important to her grand plan. She is holding a big briefing with everyone but the main guards.”

Carl nodded. “Kitryn, go get all the keys we confiscated off those bumbling fools. We’ll update the men and set the teams up again.”

Kitryn nodded and raced for the back door.


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