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Chapter 25.4

Jenny watched from her hiding place. The meeting hadn’t progressed far since she’d snuck off to talk to Fran. Cheryl definitely seemed to like the sound of her own voice if her droning on was any indication.

“—and we will meet this enemy head-on with no fear. They must not be allowed to move us from our course. We will have the most powerful seer in history with us soon and we will rule all of the paranormal nations.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. ‘Rule all the paranormal nations’? Just how delusional was Cheryl?

Suddenly an alarm blared throughout the compound.

“They’re here.” Was yelled by several different people. Then panic ensued.

Jenny sneaked back to the nursery to protect the children leaving Cheryl trying to restore order to her men.


Kitryn crept on silent paws along the stone hallway. Getting through the door had been child’s play. There had been four hallways leading off the one they entered and so they’d split up into their groups again. This time Simon was with him and his mate was walking along with his hand tangled in Kitryn’s fur.

Suddenly the hallway was lit by red rotating lights and an alarm sounded making Kitryn’s ears flatten at the shrill noise.

“Sensor net in the second hallway.” Came Dorian’s rueful voice. “Someone got too far ahead and triggered it before I noticed it.”

Kitryn sighed, he’d known they would be discovered eventually but he’d hoped to get further than they had.

“Incoming, third hallway.” Orion’s voice sounded, swiftly followed by the sound of fighting. Kitryn was in the fourth hallway and he could hear the sound of running feet. It was so on.

The first to reach them was a wolf. Kitryn chuffed, a wolf was nothing him. When he was young there used to be a wolf pack nearby. He’d trained with some o their youngsters. He knew their tricks and weaknesses.

Lying flat he allowed the pouncing wolf to fly over his head. At the last moment he raised a paw, claws fully extended. The wolf made no sound as he was ripped from neck to groin and landed on the ground dead.

Kitryn didn’t miss a beat as he turned to face the next threat. Simon was breaking the neck of another wolf and Kitryn leapt when he saw a human trying to skirt around the edge of the fight to attack from behind. He landed with his paws on the man’s shoulders and growled in his face. The smell of urine had him wrinkling his nose and fighting off a sneeze. By the time someone had relieved him of his prisoner the fighting had finished. Three humans were trussed up and propped by a nearby wall. There were two dead wolves and four dead humans.

On their side, one of the bears was favouring their front leg and everyone else sported bruises and scratches. Otherwise, it seemed they’d come out on top. This time.

Kitryn moved towards the restrained men.

“Tell us where our people are and you live. Lie and you die.”


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