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Chapter 26.1


Tristan kept his senses open but there was no one to be seen. It seemed the prisoner had been telling the truth about how stupid Cheryl’s hired scum were. Once a section was checked they didn’t leave any guards, and no one bothered to recheck.

They turned into a hallway and Kitryn let out a snarl when a man appeared out of nowhere. He then let out a grunt when Tristan barrelled into his side knocking him out of the path of a mage ball just in time.

“Father.” Tristan’s anguished yell echoed through the hallway.

Kersin Nirthfell sneered. “I am no father of yours. I would never sire a weakling like you. You’re a disgrace to the family name. I’ve already contacted the council about your disownment.”

Tristan suppressed a pained gasp, he wouldn’t show any weakness to this man. Then he stiffened his spine.

“Weakling, am I?” Tristan scowled. “Let’s see how you fare against a level twenty-five mage.” So saying, Tristan gathered a ball of pure energy and shot it straight at his father. The man dodged with barely a second to spare.

“How did you get so powerful? What have you done to yourself?”

“I did nothing. I’ve always been powerful. You just fixed the test so I wouldn’t know and get the training I needed. Well, I got it anyway. You do remember I am actually a council elder in my own right, don’t you? Oh, and I got retested.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Cousin Anthony did your test the same it’s been done for generations. And since the little twerp can’t abide me, he wouldn’t have fixed a parking ticket for me let alone a magical test.”

Tristan’s mind whirled at the implications, but he showed no other signed he was effected.

Kersin carried on his rant, completely oblivious. “I’m sure that whore of a mother of yours was spreading it around. I mean you don’t look anything like me. I bet you’re the spawn of that wandering bastard Gideon. He was always hanging around your mother like a little puppy looking for treats. Well I saw to him. Ten years ago was the last I heard of him. The council has him locked in the darkest cell they own on charges of using black magic. He’ll never see the light of day again.

“Of course, neither will his whore. She’s going to be joining him as soon as Cheryl takes over the council. Until then Cheryl has her stashed somewhere safe so she couldn’t go running to everyone with tales of how her bond mate was a traitor.”

Bond Mate? Tristan had always assumed his parents were true mated. A lot of things started o make sense.

Letting various options flip though his mind and settling on the most likely one, Tristan let his magic trail out to gain the attention of those with him. Kersin was too busy talking to notice. The team slowly moved so Tristan had a clear shot to his former father.

The look on his face as a mage ball made a hole the size of a cannonball through his chest was something Tristan would remember for a long time to come.

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