Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 26.3


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Chapter 26.3

Kitryn hissed again. He was going to kill this bitch and all their problems would be solved.

“You really think you can just kill me?” Cheryl taunted.

Kitryn tilted his head, was she a mind reader now?

Cheryl continued to rant as though she wasn’t surrounded by a group of men who had every reason to kill her on the spot.

“I’ve got insurance.” She turned to glare at Tristan. “I have your father. If you want him to live you should back down.”

Tristan threw back his head and laughed making Cheryl freeze. “My father is already dead. By my hand. He was a self-confessed traitor to his kind and a danger to the paranormal world. Now, are you going to tell us where the seers are and the rest of your captives? Or do we need to let Kitryn here have some fun? I’ve heard cats love to play with their prey before killing it.”

“Team five. We’ve found Jenny and the kids. Team six are taking them outside and we’re moving on to the next section.”

“Team four. We’ve got three of the seers and they know where more are being held. We have met up with team three and will report back soon.”

Kitryn let out a huff as the reports continued to pour in.

Tristan grinned. “Times up. Seems we didn’t need your help after all.”

Moving to exit the room he threw over his shoulder, “Kill her.”

“Gladly.” Kitryn lunged but his jaws bit air. One second Cheryl was there and then she was gone.

Kitryn let out a roar of frustration. Then he stilled. “She is still here. She’s just invisible and her scent is muted.”

Everyone went on alert.

“Over here. I think she just passed me and went outside” Tristan sent. His statement was confirmed when the sound of running footsteps echoed down the hallway.

Kitryn snarled and darted past to lead the way after his running prey. Hunting was something he knew and knew well. She wouldn’t get far.

Two turns later and Kitryn caught a flash of the blue skirt Cheryl had been wearing. Whatever magic she was using was fading and fast.

A yell and crash echoed from ahead of them. They rounded a final corner to see Cheryl in a heap with an unknown man.

Kitryn caught his scent as they neared the struggling duo. “He’s related to her. They smell similar.”

“Brother?” Tristan asked.

Kitryn huffed his indifference and attacked.

This time he went straight for her throat and tore it out. He’d wanted to take his time, but he’d finally gotten to the point where he now just wanted to gather up his family and go home—wherever home ended up being.

She couldn’t get herself untangled in time to even put up a token defence. Blood sprayed and hit the man under Cheryl in the face.

The man let out a shrill scream and after shoving Cheryl off him he turned and threw up.


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