Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Epilogue part one


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Chapter Epilogue part one

Things moved very fast once Cheryl was dead. Simon coaxed Kitryn off the male and he was restrained before being led away to be questioned.

Before everyone had had time to really process everything they were being herded out of the basement and they were guided to one side.

“Angel,” O’Conner’s joyful cry echoed across the clearing in front of the house. Everyone turned to see the mer-man sweeping up a slim person with long white hair.

Kitryn felt a little of the tension leave his shoulders, one had been saved at least. He was happy for O’Conner, losing his mate would likely have killed him.

“One down. Several more to go.” Simon’s breath tickled his throat as he spoke.

“I’m glad to see happy people after so much sadness and death.” Kitryn turned to give his mate a kiss and ignored the catcalls this elicited from their teammates.

The next appearance had the crowd cheering.  A couple appeared, the woman cradling a baby wrapped in blue and the man holding a babbling toddler on his hip.

When Tristan spied them, he waved.

“Milly, Mike, over here. I’m so glad to see you free.”

Milly and Mike joined the group and introductions were made. Baby Michael was sleeping soundly and toddler Ophelia was hiding shyly in her Dad’s neck.

“Thank you, all, for getting us out of there. I thought for sure we’d end u dead with everyone believing us to be traitors.” Milly was crying and Mike was trying to juggle Ophelia and hug Milly at the same time.

The next group to come to had everyone falling silent. Two vampires exited carrying a stretcher upon which was a closed body bag. Kitryn assumed it as one of the guards they’d taken out, but the pair headed straight for him and Simon.

“Sir, are you Kitryn Jackier?” One asked.

Kitryn nodded feeling his stomach sinking. The male held out a sealed envelope. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

With shaking hands, he opened the envelope and pulled out the folded paper it contained.


I’m sorry I have to write this but I know Cheryl won’t allow herself to be taken alive and once she’s dead the spell protecting me from feeling the loss of my mate will break.

You know I won’t survive that and so I have taken my own steps.

The spell will activate upon my death and will stay in effect until Fran reaches majority.

Until then my soul has been bound to hers. She can talk to me, I can train her, and she will be able to see and touch me. She can break the spell at any time and send me on the here-after if her circumstances change. Otherwise, at midnight on her eighteenth birthday, the spell will dissolve naturally.

Please remember to celebrate my life and don’t mourn my death.

Your loving Sister


Kitryn dropped the letter and turned into his mates waiting arms.

The rest of the group patted him on the shoulder as they moved to give them some time alone.

Apparently, they couldn’t save them all.


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