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wedbriefs badge large Hi Everyone Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. As always, all comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

This is a short scene that has been playing in mind for weeks and I finally gave in and wrote it.

Also, see the end of this bonus chapter to see how to request a scene about your favourite characters.

But, You’re not my Alpha

Kevin walked into his father’s office and stifled the urge to roll his eyes at the overdone opulence. The lone couch was done in red velvet and there was a gold-coloured lamp beside it. The big desk that dominated the room was made of rich dark wood and the top was covered in more red velvet with gold edging holding it to the desk.

The rest of the room was similarly decorated, and Kevin wondered what look his father was going for. If it was an overdone brothel, then he had succeeded overwhelmingly.

“It’s good of you to finally show up.” The snarl made Kevin freeze a moment before he consciously took a breath and let all the tension flow out of his body.

Turning he pasted a smile on his face. “Father.” He gave a minute nod and noted the anger that flared briefly at the intentional disrespect. “I came as soon as I was able.”

“When your Alpha commands your presence you should attend immediately, not three weeks later.”

Kevin sat in the visitor’s chair in front of the desk and shrugged. “As I said I came as soon as I was able. Now, what can I do for you, father?”

Alpha Edward Franks glared over the glasses perched on his nose. With a grunt he threw a pile of papers on the desk. “I need your signature on these mating papers.”

Kevin frowned. “Mating papers? Why would you need my signature on anyone’s mating papers?”

He swept the pile up and started scanning the documents. Before he finished the first page his frown had deepened.

“Father, why is my name on these papers? I’m not getting mated on—” He glanced down at the first paragraph again. “The first of May this year. I have never met Joanna Harley.” He kept reading. “This talks about mating meetings with her Alpha, and father, Alpha Jerome Harley. I haven’t attended any mating meetings and wouldn’t have even if I had been asked. I see you get a substantial payout if this mating goes ahead—which it won’t, so I hope you haven’t spent the money yet. Finally, it says you have negotiated on my behalf as my father and Alpha. Well, only one of those is true and the one that is doesn’t give you the authority to negotiate anything on my behalf.”

Kevin felt rage bubbling inside him and his dragon wasn’t much better. Suddenly a voice in his head had his anger cooling slightly, “Lover, are you okay? I thought you were meeting with your father? Has something happened?”

Kevin let a grin out at the low growl in the last question. He opened his mind so his lover could see what had happened so far and so he could see the mating papers through Kevin’s eyes. This time the growl vibrated through his mind. “I am on my way.”

Kevin didn’t bother to try and dissuade him, Laurence would do as he pleased, as he always did when Kevin’s safety was in question.

“Are you listening to a word I’m saying, Boy.” His father’s shouting brought him back to the present situation.

Kevin pasted his smile back on and sighed inwardly, this wasn’t going to be nice. “Father, I am still waiting for you to answer the questions I asked while I was reading this soon to be shredded contract.”

If possible, his father’s face went even redder and Kevin was wondering if dragons could have heart attacks.

“I am your Alpha and father. That is all the authority I need to negotiate on your behalf and for the good of this pack. You will sign those papers and you will mate with Joanna Harley. The contract specifies that children are required within the first year to continue both packs lines.”

Kevin couldn’t help it he laughed. “Firstly, I’m gay. What makes you think I would ever agree to be with a woman? Let alone to have children with her. My dragon would kill the first person who tried to force a mating on us.” He let his gaze meet his father’s, the ‘and the one who would of be dead is you’, was left off but heard all the same. The old man had to look away first, and didn’t that make his father angrier?

Kevin shook his head. “I really can’t understand how you think you have the authority to negotiate this on my behalf. You may be my father, but you aren’t—”

Part two will go live tomorrow. I had to cut off here to keep within the flash word limit. 

Please remember to comment with any bonus scenes you would like to see. They don’t have to be about this story, they can be from any story I have posted on this blog. I will make a running list on my blog and keep updating as I receive requests.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Short Scene

  1. Judy Stone says:

    This is fascinating. I’d love to read the story, but the only thing I know is Kevin and Laurence are dragons. What’s the title and do you have a link? Hope you’re having a stellar day. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    • cazpedroso says:

      Hi Judy.

      This was just a random scene that has been playing in my head for weeks. I do plan on writing a story around it fairly soon.
      Your day is my night as it is currently half past midnight here. You just caught me before bed.
      Stay safe…hugs…Caz


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