Wednesday Briefs – A Mother’s Wrath P2, (A Mother’s Ultimatum) (Short Scene)

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This is a short scene that follows on from last week.

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A Mother’s Wrath P2

Dee let out a shrill whistle along with a fierce wave of Alpha power.

Everyone froze then dropped to their knees. No one in the pack had ever known she was a powerful alpha in her own right. The only reason she wasn’t her mother’s heir was she hadn’t wanted to lead a pack on her own. The shifter council was full of old farts that still thought if a female was mated then the male was dominant and therefore in charge. It was why she had been so taken in by Steven’s promises. Only his name would be on the pack, but they would lead as equals. Well, she knew now it had all been a lie. She wasn’t going to hide anything from now on. She may be a pack Alpha, but she was an alpha and it was time she got the respect she deserved.

“I am ashamed of all of you. I have seen pups that are better behaved than you all put together. Do you hear yourselves? Who are you to say who someone should fall in love with? Who are you to decide who is right for someone…well, is no one going to answer me?”

The silence was deafening.

“No one?” there was a collective shuffling of feet, but still no one spoke. “Fine. It is nearly time for me to leave.” This caused a gasp to ripple through the staying side of the room. “Before my group and I leave however I have some information for you that I have just learnt. Alpha Steven has informed me that anyone accompanying me, Harry, and Freddy will be considered banished. That means that if you were to try and come back for any reason, even just to visit your family, you will be killed on sight.”

This time here was cries of dismay and anguish echoing in the room.

“Beth, you can’t go, I forbid it.”

Beth moved to the front of Dee’s group. Her glare for her mate held fire and contempt. “Hank, do you really think I’m staying in a pack that won’t accept my son?”

Hank frowned until his son Jerry moved forward holding the hand of Kevin. The love both young men had for each other was obvious, as was their sadness.

“Dad, we can’t stay here.” Jerry sounded close to tears. “I love you and you’ve been a brilliant dad to e, but I need Kevin and we aren’t safe here.”

The last part brought Hank’s head up sharply. “Safe? What do you mean you aren’t safe here?”

Dee wanted to know the answer too. She hoped the idea forming in her mind wasn’t true.

Jerry looked at Kevin and at his nod took a deep breath. “The teachers at school have lessons on pack history and mating. According to them, the old human customs of stoning is the best way to deal with deviant behaviour. When someone asked what deviant behaviour was the teacher listed the usual things like disobeying the alpha, putting the pack in danger, then he added being with someone the same gender as you. When asked why he just said it was against nature and mates were for procreating. Since two people the same gender couldn’t reproduce then they were putting the pack at risk of dying out and therefor deserved punishment. When Kevin and I realised we were falling in love I went to mum and she assured me she stilled loved me just as I was. Then when we heard Harry was leaving with his mum she and I decided to go with them. Kevin and his mum said the decision to join us was easy. Our mums said that anywhere their sons weren’t welcome wasn’t a place they wanted to be.”

Hank had tears in his eyes, and he turned to face his alpha. “Alpha, please tell me this isn’t true. Surely you aren’t going to banish my mate so I can’t even have a chance of getting my family to come home?”

Steven was looking between the two groups in the room. Dee knew he was trying to find a way to get himself out of the mess he was in, but she couldn’t see any way out unless he decided to suddenly accept his son and his chosen mate. Even if he did that Dee didn’t think many would trust him enough to stay.

Horns sounded from outside.

Dee clapped. “That’s our rides. All those coming please grab your essentials and make sure the rest of your things are in the pick-up points I gave you earlier.”

As Steven stood there sputtering people moved to pick up backpacks and shoulder bags.

“Wait,” Hank yelled. “I need to pack quickly, can you wait for me, please?”

Beth grinned at her mate and waved at an extra duffle bag she had at her feet. “I already packed for you. I knew you’d come to your senses.”

The family embraced and made their way out to the waiting cars.

As Dee made her way out behind her group she could hear the mutterings beginning. Most were along the lines of thinking about how long it would take to pack and would they still be welcome.

When Dee reached the door she turned one more time. “The invitation to transfer and follow your families will remain open. The pack scouts have been informed by my mother to take names of anyone asking entry and she will personally meet with you to make sure you know the pack rules before reuniting you with your family. There is no end date on this. Take your time and think about your decision. But I will say that my mother may accept you into the pack, however, your mates may not be so forgiving if you take too long.”

With one last smile, she headed out to join her son and begin her new life.

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