Wednesday Briefs – Unison Island Bonus Scene – No Party (continued)

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Bonus scene: Unison Island – No Party (continued).

Jamie slammed the door behind himself as he dragged a still yelling Lizzie in the house.

Casey came in the main room rubbing his eyes. “What’s all the racket? It’s barely sundown.”

Jamie pushed Lizzie towards the settee and crossed his arms. “Your niece snuck out, just as I thought she would, to go to that party. Not only that but she was trying to get Tom to join her. I need you to deal with her I’m too angry at the moment.”


Casey stared at his niece. How did he tell her off for flouting the rules when he and Jamie had been just as bad when they were young? Was it a do as I say and not as I did situation?

Heaving a sigh, he sat beside the fuming teenager. “You know your father is going to be angry for a long time about this, don’t you? You really scared him.”

Lizzie frowned. “Why would he be scared? He obviously knew where I was and where I was going. If I miss this party I will be ignored for the rest of the school year.”

Casey scoured his brain for something to say that would get his point across when the emergency buzzer went off and a voice sounded in the room. “Healer Casey please report to exam three immediately. Healer Jamie, please report to exam two immediately. The information has been sent to you.”

Casey pulled his healer tablet out of his pocket and scrolled down the information.

“Shit, I gotta go. Be good and stay in the house. Actually…” He glanced down at the tablet again. “Come with me I could use your help.”


Casey and Jamie met in the hall outside the two exam rooms and shared a look before they headed to their respective rooms and pushed into work mode and liked their minds to better work together.

“You there, Casey?”

“Yep, I’m here. Show me what you see, and I’ll tell you if I have the same here.”

Lizzie’s voice interrupted the quiet of the room. “Oh no. That’s Auntie Morgana. What’s she doing here?”

“I have high Council member Terrance here. The virus seems to have mutated and is now affecting vampires too. He’s one of the oldest of his kind if it can get to him then the whole community is at risk.”

An image overlaid Casey vision as Jamie shared his view and spell results.

“What the buggering hell is this virus?”

Casey turned when Lizzie pulled on his clothes. “Is she going to be alright?”

Casey shook his head “I don’t know. I need you to watch that screen and tell me if anything changes.”

They worked together for hours and finally, Casey and Jamie were satisfied that their patients were stable.

Splashing cold water over his face he ushered a now more subdued Lizzie back to the main house.

He flopped in a chair and waited while Jamie did the same. “Well, Lizzie, do you understand now? This virus is now affecting vampires too. That means you are twice as vulnerable. As is Tom. Not only that but Morgana and Terrance some of the strongest of their kind. If they can get this virus then what makes you think you won’t?”

Lizzie nodded. She looked exhausted. “I understand, uncle. I’m sorry for the worry I caused you and dad. Can I go to my room, please? I need to call and apologise to Tom and get my homework done for my next online class.”

“Come give me a hug and go on with you.” Jamie held open his arms and Lizzie flew to him. Casey smiled tiredly at the picture the two made. Lizzie was almost as tall as her father already and had to bend almost in half to reach Jamie in his chair.

She ran from the room and Casey turned to Jamie. “I think she’ll listen for a while now. About this anyway. I’m, sure there’ll be something else soon for her to rebel against.”

Jamie just rolled his eyes and he must have called his mate through their bond because Andrew appeared from his home office and scooped Jamie up. They called a sleep well over their shoulders as Andrew sped them away.

Casey huffed a laugh. With a thought, he was in his empty bedroom. Jackson would be dealing with the council and Vash would be calming his pack. He reached out for both and found them exactly where he’d thought they’d be. After reassuring them he was fine and was going to catch an ap he stripped and showered.

His last thought as he slipped into sleep was he hoped that things returned to normal soon.

I hope you like the Unison island take on the current world situation.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

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