Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 4B

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Chapter 4B. I’m leaving the coven!!

Mica chuckled again. “You are partially right and very smart. I have talked to Gray. He isn’t going to refuse to allow me to leave. He can’t; mates come first in all paranormal law. He did, however, ask me to talk to you. He wants to meet you. You know he and I have been friends since school, as I told you earlier. He is my best friend and wants to meet my mate. He is asking that you come with me and meet him. I will get him to meet us at my place, and you won’t see anyone else. I will warn you that he is very upset at what you told me about your treatment at the coven, and he will definitely want to ask you for more information.”

Mica spoke fast because he didn’t want Owen to interrupt and refuse outright before he got out everything he wanted to say to persuade him to agree.

Owen was silent for so long Mica was ready to rescind his request and go back to their original arrangement of Mica going alone and coming back to Owen in three days. “Okay.”

The one word was almost too quiet so Mica nearly missed it. As soon as he was sure of what he had heard, Mica jumped to attention.

“What? You’ll come?”

“Yes, I’ll come. But I want it understood I don’t want to see anyone—except Leader Grayson.”

“Yes, all received and understood.” Owen chuckled as Mica had intended.

“Well, you’d better fill me in on anything I need to know about your best friend, who also happens to be a coven leader. I don’t want to stick my foot in my mouth when I meet him. You didn’t tell me that much earlier except you were friends and met in school.”

Mica sniggered and started his tale.

“Well, as you said, we met in school. I was two years below him and was having trouble with a couple of older boys who thought I was too poor to attend their school, and that I was acting too big for my britches.” Mica heard an indrawn breath at the admission he’d had trouble at school and then a muffled laugh at the old saying. “Yes, even in my day there were jerks who thought they had the right to pick on anyone they chose. I had good control of my lightning already, but we were too near to some school equipment for me to use it, and so they got a few good hits in before a very loud voice told them to stop or else. It turned out the son of the then-current leader of the coven didn’t like bullies, and he was also very powerful even then. Both boys found themselves pinned to the wall by magic and unable to move. The headmaster was called—it was Mr. Yenkins back then—and they were both sent home to their parents. Turned out their parents were just as elitist as the boys, and they were told they were no longer welcome in the coven.

“When I was twenty, Gray’s dad stepped down and Gray became leader. He made me his second, and no one dared to mess with the poor boy ever again. Of course, we always have lots of things to deal with. We deal with all complaints personally. That is why after talking to you, we think we have an idea who intercepted your letters to Gray. I’ll be having words with the person when we get to the coven after we’ve spoken to Gray. If I don’t like the answers then the person may or may not have a coven to call home by the end of it.”

“You do know that is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me ever. No one has ever offered to stand up for me.”

Mica growled. “You deserve to live the life you want, and you deserved to be taught how to use your magic properly. You shouldn’t have had to learn on your own through trial and error. You can bet I will be talking to your ex-teachers and those bullies. I mean they are four years older than you; they were meant to be mentoring the younger generation. They were not there to make any of the students feel less or to make anyone’s life harder. As for the teacher, he should have followed on from the teacher you had who figured out what your magic was powered by. What did you say her name was?”

“Miss Dooli. She said she would fill my next teacher in so my training would be continued as she’d been doing. Then when Mr. Ceeman arrived, he told me he didn’t have time to dedicate to a student who couldn’t be bothered to do magic the right way. As I told you earlier, it was his way or no way. You know what I chose.”

Mica made a noise of agreement as he tried to shove his clothes into his bag. The stupid things had fit when he left home.

“When can you be ready to leave? I was going to set out at sunrise and get to the coven in time for lunch. But if we want to talk to Gray and still have time for me to confront the jerks, then maybe we should leave tonight and I’ll drive through. We can be there in time for breakfast and can talk to Gray before he leaves for the office.”

“I can be ready when you are. Pick me up at the shop. I live over the top in Mr. Mosely’s spare room.”

Mica agreed and they hung up so he could make sure he had everything.


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  1. Judy Stone says:

    Has Craven bugged Gray’s office? If Mica calls to let Gray know when they’ll arrive, will the bully boys ambush them? Don’t think Mica and Gray are taking this threat seriously. Heck, half the coven might want to oust Gray and install an elitist coven leader.


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