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Short Scene – Please Mr Postman

I was listening to some music today and an oldie came on that made me come up with this short scene. Please Mr Postman Kevin sat on the window seat looking out at the pouring rain. He sighed and thought … Continue reading

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Idioms are Real Game

I was busy this week and so no Wednesday Briefs chapter – but do remember to check out the authors that are writing this week on Wednesday Briefs Website. Instead this week I thought you’d all enjoy a funny short … Continue reading

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Short Scene – Here comes trouble

As you may have guessed there is no Wednesday briefs chapter this week, sorry, time got away from me. Instead, I have a nice short scene for you starring Jamie, Andrew, and Lizzie, and a big ball of fur. Here … Continue reading

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Short Scene – Conner County P.T.A

I was in the car with my dad recently and an old song called Harper Valley P.T.A came on. I had it stuck in my head all day, and when I sat down that evening to write, a scene came … Continue reading

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Wednesday Briefs – A spin off short scene

Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post. I ran out of time with some other commitments. Therefore I found a short scene that I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Celebrating a site promotion and a short bit of fun for you all…

This week I have been celebrating with my friends on I have been given the honor of being promoted to Promising Author status. Check it out by clicking here I am very thankful to all my friends and fellow … Continue reading

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Casey’s first Christmas with his new mates and family.

Casey froze when the floorboard under his foot creaked. “You could have just used magic you know,” Jackson said from behind him, causing Casey to jump at least five feet in the air. Rounding on Jackson he snarled, “are you … Continue reading

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