Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 6B

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Chapter 6B. Going back to school

Owen grinned as Nancy giggled. “Do you know, Nancy, that water and fire make the best cleansing spells? All you have to do is think about your element flowing through you and, in your case, burning away any nasty things it finds.”

Nancy frowned in concentration and the flame went out as she glowed as though lit from the inside. The glow lasted a few seconds before fading.

“I feel different, better,” she said with wonder in her voice. “My teacher told me I shouldn’t use fire to do spells. Why did she say that?”

While Gray tried to reassure Nancy and find out who her teacher was, Owen grabbed Mica’s hand and tugged him to the edge of the stage. “I need you to set off the sprinkler system without setting off the alarms.” He kept his voice to whisper.

Mica frowned. “Why? What have you thought of?”

“If Nancy is feeling better now for no apparent reason, then she may have had a spell on her. I know I felt something wrong in her before I told her about the cleansing spell. If you can get it to rain indoors, I can put the cleansing spell in the water. Why don’t we see how many kids would like to talk to you after they’ve been washed?”

Nodding, Mica thought about how to do it and decided on making a show of it. Getting Gray’s attention, he used some signals they’d made up as children to communicate what he wanted.

Gray nodded. “It seems that Mica thinks he should be able to get his own back on Owen. What do you all think? Can he make something as impressive as Owen?”

Varied answers were being called out as Mica called the electricity in the room to him. He sent bolts through the room like fireworks and had the children oohing and ahhing. He then sent one off course and hit the sprinkler in the centre of the hall. The children yelped as they were doused in freezing water. Mica could feel Owen’s magic mixing with the water. At his mate’s nod, he sent another bolt to the sprinkler and made it shut off. They’d definitely brought down a storm on the school, Mica thought with a wry grin.

Owen laughed. “Since my mate made you all wet, let me help dry you all.” He sent out a wave of magic, and steam started rising from the various people in the room. Soon everyone was dry, and the children were chattering amongst themselves.

Gray clapped his hands for attention. “Now that we have all had fun, I need to talk to your teachers. I have asked all your dinner supervisors to come in early, and so you can all go outside to play until someone comes to get you. I will be here all day with Second Mica and his mate Owen. We will be in the headmaster’s office until the final bell. If you want to talk to us at any time after lunch today, please tell your teacher and they will allow you to come to the office. Until then, go have some fun.”

The children all filed out, and Gray turned his attention to the teachers who were now gathered at the back of the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to the conference room and talk. Mentors, Ian and Trevor, please join us as well.”


The group all entered the conference room attached to the headmaster’s office and everyone found seats.

Once they were all seated, Gray leaned on his steepled fingers from his position at the head of the table. “Ian and Trevor, do you have any clue why you’ve been included in this group?”

Ian and Trevor were silent with their eyes fixed on the ground.

Gray tsked. “Would it help if I told you I have recordings of you, Ian, arranging for my assistant Cravin to cover up what you’d been up to? No? Fine. Ian Woodrow and Trevor Finaham, you have both been found to have been terrorising the children of this school for a number of years. You are both to return home until I have spoken to your parents. I will then decide whether you will be staying in this coven or not.”

The boys exited the room silently, and Gray turned his attention to the teachers.

A knock on the door preceded the entry of a small lady with a beaming smile.

“Miss Dooli,” Owen called with a wave, he had been hoping to see her again.

Miss Dooli grinned. “Owen, how are you? Have you been working with your element?” She seemed to notice who else was at the table and flushed. “I am so sorry, Leader Grayson.” She dropped into a curtsy at the same time Gray waved her to a seat. She flushed again and sat next to Owen. “When I got the notice from you, Leader Grayson, that I was being reassigned I made sure to inform my replacement about Owen and got his reassurance that Owen would be supported to catch up with the other kids. The poor boy didn’t even know what an elemental mage was. I assume you helped him finish catching up, Mr. Ceeman?”

Miss Dooli turned to Mr. Ceeman expectantly. He huffed but finally answered her silent stare. “I did everything I could to bring the boy up to an acceptable standard. However, he refused to follow instructions and wasn’t able to master the most basic spells. I couldn’t concentrate on him to the detriment of his fellow students. So, I set him some written work and put him in a nearby classroom. He was to graduate academically, and his certificate was being sent to his parents’ house.”

Owen was wishing a hole would open up. Mica had told him why his parents had missed him.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 6B

  1. Judy Stone says:

    Fabulous! Gray, Mica and Owen were wonderful with the kids. Introducing them to elemental magic with fun demonstrations and I loved how Owen used the sprinkler water to deliver a cleansing spell.
    Surprised Ian and Trevor didn’t have anything to say to Gray. They seemed almost timid. Wouldn’t trust them, and hope Gray doesn’t either. I love Miss Dooli…she didn’t let Mr. Ceeman ignore her. Gray’s single, right? Could she be the future alpha mate?

    Liked by 1 person

    • cazpedroso says:

      Glad you liked it. Next week is the last part (if my memory is working correctly). Then there’ll be a break before Gray’s story. So,no, sorry miss Dooli isn’t for Gray but I have someone nice lined up 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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