Short Scene – Conner County P.T.A

I was in the car with my dad recently and an old song called Harper Valley P.T.A came on. I had it stuck in my head all day, and when I sat down that evening to write, a scene came to me and I had to write it.

In case you’ve never heard the song, I have posted it below the scene…Enjoy 🙂

Conner County P.T.A

I’d like to tell you about a time when I attended Conner County Junior High.

I arrived home from school one day and my dad knew something was wrong immediately.

“What’s up sweetheart?”

I rummaged in my bag and pulled out the letter a teacher had handed me as I left school.

I’d already opened and read the letter, but I watched my dad’s face pale as he read. It said…

Dear Mr. Johnson

It has come to our attention you are now in a relationship with your former lodger Mr. Michaels and that he continues to share your home.

I’m sure you’ll understand why we felt we needed to address this with you.

We are worried about the effects your current behavior will have on your daughter, Jenny Johnson.

We have had reports of you drinking with Mr. Michaels and of you being seen in compromising situations with him.

We ask you please address your behavior.

The letter was sighed from the secretary of the Conner County P.T.A

I knew about my dad’s relationship with David, and I liked David. I also knew my grandma stayed with me every once and a while so dad and David could go out and have some fun. I’d even seen them making out. The last time I’d thrown a wet cloth at them and told them to get a room. We’d all laughed about it.

But, the letter from the school almost sounded like a threat. Dad owned the local grocery store and we couldn’t afford to leave town. Everything we had was here.

“Don’t worry about this, sweetheart,” dad said and gave me a hug. He picked up the cordless phone and headed for his bedroom.

Now, I’m a very curious person so of course I listened at the door.

“Hello, this is Mr. Johnson,” came dad’s voice. “I would like to inquire as to when the next meeting of the P.T.A is…Tonight?…And any parent is welcome to attend, is that right?…Good…Thank you for your help.”

I rushed to my bedroom just as the front door open.

My dad came out his room and called out, “David? Is that you?”

“Yes, love,” came David’s cheerful voice. “I’ll be right up. Just let me get my coat and shoes off.”

Once they were in their room and I was sure they weren’t leaving again, I sneaked back to listen.

“—are you sure this is the right thing to do?” David was asking.

“I think I have to. I can’t let them think I will accept this sort of treatment. What about Jenny? What will she learn if we allow this to slide?”

“I know, but are you sure this is the right way to go about it?”

I really wanted to know what dad had planned, but it seemed I missed that bit of the conversation. I then heard movement and had to run back to my bedroom, so I didn’t get caught.


Dinner was a quiet affair and dad was obviously in deep thought. He was also scribbling notes on a sheet of paper by his plate. I was too far away to read it and I really wanted to know what he was writing. I was sure it had something to do with the stupid letter.

When dinner finished dad stated we had to get ready to go out to a meeting and then started clearing the table.


We walked into the P.T.A meeting and a hush fell over the people gathered there. I wasn’t sure what shocked people more, the fact my dad and I were there, or the fact he was hand in hand with David.

People shook off the shock and the chairman bashed a hammer on the long table where he and the other P.T.A members sat on the stage.

“I call this meeting to order.”

The agenda was gone through fairly quickly, and then came the announcement of any other business.

My dad stood and raised his hand. “I would like to address the meeting.”

Moving to the front and ascending the steps to the stage he took the microphone off the chairman. He turned to address the crowd.

“Today my daughter brought home a letter informing me that the members of this P.T.A are worried about certain aspects of my lifestyle and behavior and how it will affect my daughter. First, let me read to you what their concerns are.”

He read out the letter and I could see people starting to shuffle in their seats.

“Next I will address their concerns. Yes, I am in a relationship with David Michaels, we are very much in love and he loves Jenny as though she were his own daughter. Yes, he shares my home and since I know you are all wondering, yes, he also shares my bed. And lastly, yes, my mother does babysit once in a while so David and I can go out on dates. We even kiss and hold hands. Just the same as any other couple getting to know each other does.

“Now, let me turn my attention to the people who showed their concern for how this behavior will affect my daughter.”

Dad turned to look at the six people sitting behind the long table. “I’ll start with Chairman Bobkins, he has asked me to hook up at least seven times to my recollection.” Dad ignored the gasp that rippled through the crowd, and the death glare Mr. Bobkins sent his way. Dad just moved onto the man’s wife. “And has anyone noticed how much ice Mrs. Bobkins goes through when her husband has to go out of town?

“Mr. Smithers, can you tell the people here just why your current secretary had to leave town in such a hurry?” Mr. Smithers went a dark shade of red and looked like he was going to start shouting, but Dad didn’t give him a chance, he’d already moved onto the next person.

“Widow Brooks, you should really keep your shades all the way down, even during the day, if you don’t want the local kids sharing stories about the great education they’re getting by watching through your bedroom window.

“Mr. Wood, I see you were late again. I take it it was another late night at Carl’s bar again last night?”

Lastly, dad turned to the eldest member of the P.T.A. “Mrs. Walkins, if I get someone in this crowd to try the tea your sipping there, just how much gin will they taste in it?”

Dad moved back to the front of the stage and faced the now gaping crowd.

“Owning a business in town means I hear everything. Everyone I present to you the Conner County Hypocrites.”

With that last statement, he dropped the microphone on the floor and returned to David and me. He dropped a kiss on my head and David’s lips. “Let’s get out of here.”

We stood, and with dad in the middle, we strode out the silent hall.

And that’s the story of how my dad socked it to the Conner County P.T.A

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New Year – New Computer – New Story – New Plans

Hi Everyone

As the title suggests I have had to replace my computer. My old one finally decided to die on me. So, I will be catching up and getting posts scheduled.

It’s a new year and I’m sure you all have plans for how you’re going to make 2018 a really good year.

My first news for the new year is that I have a story being released as part of a charity anthology. All money raised goes to the Trevor Project and GLAAD.  For more details see my cover reveal post. Please check it out and help two good causes.

My plans for this year include the obvious one of writing more. My aim is to finish a story a month. This month I am putting a few finishing touches to an old story. Next month I will be concentrating on Unison Island book one (Jamie and Andrew). From there I will plan as I go. I want to get all the unison Island stories rewritten and submitted as soon as I can.

If anyone has recommendations for books they want to see reviewed feel free to comment on this post, or send me an email/FB message. If I already own the book or it is one KU I will add it as soon as I have a review space. If I need to buy the book it may have to wait until payday.

Next week on Thursday a new GA author will be being reviewed, and he has even given me permission to post one of his poems for the Friday post as well.

My Wednesday Briefs story will, of course, be continuing, as well as a few new scenes and shorts for Saturdays.

I think that’s it for now.

Happy Reading Everyone

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 3.2

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 3.2

Kitryn glared at Simon and could tell the young vamp was trying hard not to laugh. Okay, so, yes, he possibly, maybe, almost definitely looked ridiculous hanging by his middle from a tree. But, really. Did the guy have to laugh at his face?

“Are you going to stand there waving at me all day or get on with the scolding?” Simon’s voice still held amusement. “Of course, you could say thank you to me for getting you down.”

Kitryn rolled his eyes. “Thank you,” he snapped out. he knew he sounded ungrateful, but his middle still hurt from hanging around all day, and his ass was bruised from the fall. Cat’s do not always land on their feet. Or at least he never did.

“Why didn’t you shift?”

Simon’s question took Kitryn’s mind off his ass and back to the current situation.

“If I had shifter how would I know where the rope would end up? It may have slip mid shift and ended up around my neck!”

Simon flushed at his comment but didn’t stay silent for long. “But, how did you not see the rope. I didn’t exactly hide it. I didn’t want any passing humans to fall into it. That would have been far too hard to explain away.”

Kitryn dropped his gaze. “I was distracted,” he mumbled.

“What? I didn’t catch that.”

Kitryn looked up and glared once more at his annoying rescuer. “I was distracted,” he repeated louder.

Instead of smirking as Kitryn expected him to Simon frowned. “What could have you distracted? The kits were safe in the cave. I was unconscious so you know I was no danger to them. Was there something else out here? Do we need to worry?”

Kitryn knew he was staring, but he couldn’t help it.

He had a choice. Did he agree with Simon and say he had been thinking of the kits or did he tell the truth and say he was thinking of Simon?

The man had told him all about he’d had a massive change forced on him. how could Kitryn not be distracted by thoughts of how brave Simon was? And the fact he wasn’t hard on the eyes was a distraction in and of its self as well.

“Um, no there’s no danger and I  know the kits were safe in the cave. My thought just wandered when they shouldn’t have.” He refused to expand on that, no sir, that was all he was saying.

“Okay, we’d better get back to the kits. Fran was very worried when you didn’t come back.”

Kitryn felt himself flush with shame. He hadn’t meant to worry any of his kits, and he didn’t even have any food to show for his day out.

“I only have one more trap to check and since it’s on the way we may as well stop and see if there’s anything there.”

Kitryn nodded and shifted back to his car form. No way was he trapesing through the woods naked at night.

They walked steadily and were both surprised to find a porcupine caught by the last small trap. Kitryn chuffed when Simon untied the still wriggling creature and let it go.

“What?” Simon asked. “It wouldn’t have made more than a mouthful for any of us.”

A rustling nearby made both of them freeze. Kitryn moved forward slowly and when he had passed two or three trees he came to a clearing where a river flowed noisily. There was a doe drinking the water and seemingly unaware of their presence.

Simon tapped his head and pointed to himself, then circled his fingers. Kitryn took that to mean Simon was going to circle around so they could come from both sides.

Kitryn nodded slowly and Simon vanished at vamp speed. As soon he heard saw Simon on the other side of the clearing Kitryn made a leap for the doe. As a shifter, he was faster and larger than a normal mountain lion and so was able to reach the doe before she realized he was there. He managed to grab her by a leg and then Simon was there. Simon efficiently broke her neck. It wasn’t a nice sound but it was fastest kindest way, and they needed to eat.

“I suppose I’m carrying it?” Simon asked with a raised eyebrow. Kitryn ignored him and moved to the river to wash his mouth out, the taste of animal blood wasn’t good, and he wanted to give Simon a chance to feed without having someone watch him like he was a freak show.

When he didn’t hear any more sounds he turned to see Simon wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

“Thank you.”

Kitryn nodded and led the way out the clearing and back to the cave.

“Kitty!” came Fran’s voice as they approached. “You back.”

Kitryn let out a grunt as Fran barreled into him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Let’s let Kitty shift and dress,” came Simon’s amused voice. “Who’s hungry?”

A chorus of yes’ echoed as they made their way into the cave to get dinner ready for the kits.

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad place to rest for a while, Kitryn thought as he dressed and watched his kits listening to Simon as he explained what he was doing to the doe carcass.



For more great stories from more great authors click the links below or visit the Wednesday Briefs website

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COVER REVEAL – Resist and Triumph, A charity anthology, put together by and Edited by Grace R Duncan and Tucker McCallahan

Today I have a special announcement for you all 🙂

A while back I wrote a short story based on someone being bullied and how they fought back…and won!!!

We finally have a cover and release date!!!

Release date is January 28th, 2018

And here is the pre-order link – 

All profits from the sale of this book go to The Trevor Project and GLAAD, to help fight bullying in all its forms.

A lot of authors have come together for this anthology, they are:

Grace R Duncan

Tucker McCallahan

Perci T. Brooks

Carol Pedroso (Me 😀 )

Shane K. Morton

Maria Siopis

Vicktor Alexander

Mandi Ware

Helene Dupres

My story is called Fighting the Alpha, the Omega Way

Alpha Enforcer Gerard Gilbertson is sent in to investigate Alpha Kief Freaton and his pack. But, what he finds is both good and bad.

The good is he finds his mate, An omega named Strin.

The bad is his mate is being forced to use his omega powers to help the corrupt Alpha make money by conning people. Alpha Freaton is using a collar to contril Strin, with hte threat that the collar will kill the other omegas living in the pack and Strin if Strin doesn’t follow orders.

Gerards teammate and mage Kevin deactivates the collar and they formulate a plan to free everyone. Gerard nad Strin mate but agree to cover it for now.

Things come to ahead when Alpha Freatonorders Strin to witness as he ‘breaks in’ one of the barely legal omega females.

Strin loses control and finds out just what effect mating Gerard has had on his powers.

He fights the Alpha, the omega way…and wins.

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 3.1

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 3.1

Simon woke with a start, he was never going to get used to having the sun dictate when he slept. Not that he would actually call it sleeping. It was more like an enforced coma.

He sat up and looked around. He’s been moved to the back of the cave and had a blanket around him. Kitryn must have been responsible, Simon wasn’t sure how he felt about being so vulnerable in front of a stranger. Not that he’d had a lot of choices, but still.

One of the first things he noticed was the kits.

They were all sitting by the mouth of the cave and seemed to be agitated. Fran was pacing in human form, and the two boys were in cat form with their tails lashing from side to side.

“What’s wrong?” he called out as he untangled himself from the blanket.

“Mr. Vamp,” Fran called out as she turned and ran to him. “Kitty gone. You find?”

“Gone?” Simon shot up, barely remembering to not straighten all the way up or he’d bang his head on the ceiling. “Gone where?” Simon forgot about his question when Fran started crying. He scooped her up and joined the boys.

“How long ago did he leave?” Simon looked at Fran since the boys were still cats and she seemed to do all the talking for the trio.

He kept rubbing Fran’s back until she’s calmed enough to answer him. “Gone when it was light. Not here when I wake up.”

So Kitryn could have been gone for as long as twelve hours. Simon calculated he had less than twelve hours to find Kitryn and get back to the cave or under shelter before he was unconscious again.

“Stay here. If Kitryn comes back don’t let him leave again or we’ll spend all night trying to find each other.”

Fran clung to him for a few more moments before allowing him to put her down next to the boys.

After a look both ways Simon chose the left and started walking.


How could he be so stupid and inattentive? He should have sensed the trap. He should have seen the rope. He should have—

Oh, who was he kidding? His only thought had been about getting back the cave and Simon. The vamp was taking up far too much of his thoughts since they met. Then there were the kits to worry about. What would they do with him gone?

A rustle from nearby had him twisting his head around. It was a rodent of some kind. Kitryn was sure the runty thing was laughing at him.

“That’s right,” he thought to himself. “Laugh at the big kitty hanging from the tree. You just wait until I get out of this.”

He swiped a paw in the air, but all that did was make him start swinging around. The more he tried to balance out again the more he spun. Good Goddess, would it ever stop?

The spinning finally slowed and Kitryn hung from his tree and waited for his head to stop spinning.

He was hungry, thirsty and so damn tired.

“I’m glad I thought to check my traps first.” Kitryn jolted at the familiar voice.

“Your traps?” Kitryn demanded and turned his head far as he could to get a look at the vamp standing below him. “What do you need with traps? And why was this one so big?” Of course, his voice only came out as a series of noises that would make no sense to Simon.


Simon tried to keep a straight face but Kitryn really did make a funny sight in his cat form hanging by the rope around his middle. Simon had decided to check his traps on the off chance and it seemed he’d been right.

“I made this one bigger to try and catch a larger animal for me to feed from. I would then also have meat to cook and eat for a while. Of course, I never imagined I’d catch a man-cat in it. How did you not see it? An animal wouldn’t know what to look for, but you…”

Simon pulled out his knife and called a warning, “Brace yourself.” He then cut through the rope allowing Kitryn to drop to the ground.

The cat immediately shifted, and a very angry, very human, very naked man turned on him.

This should be good.



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Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you all are having/have a great day.

No update today, instead I have a story for you. It is the same couple you met briefly in my last Wednesday Briefs short.

Happy Reading 🙂

My Perfect Christmas

11th December

I gritted my teeth and listened as my mother droned on about her upcoming visit.

“You have got the tree already, haven’t you? You know that will be the focal point of the room…Don’t forget that your father is gluten-free now, it disturbs his digestion otherwise…Penelope made this wonderful dessert last weekend. I’m sure she’d give you the recipe if you asked…of course, unless you take a few extra days off work you won’t have time to make it….”

I jumped in before she could go any further down that path. “Mom, you know this is our busiest time of year. I can’t just take time off when I feel like it.”

“You have a full staff. What’s the use of having them if you still do all the work yourself?”

I shook my head, we had the same argument all the time. “I may be the owner, mom, but I am also the head chef. Nothing leaves my kitchen without going through me first. Especially at this busy time. We’re fully booked right up to Christmas Eve, I need—”

“Yes, yes, I know. Your little café will be full and you want to be there to mingle with the people.”

I fumed silently, arguing with her was a waste of time. Little café, my ass. My little café was a four Michelin star restaurant. We regularly had celebrities eating there and even holding their events, celebrations, and lunch meetings there. We also offered catering services and had three booked for the Christmas period. And that wasn’t the end. After Christmas, we had a week before the New Year celebrations began. In all, I had three consecutive days off. Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the day after. The twenty-eighth would see me back at the work getting everything prepped with my staff for the next big bookings.

But none of that mattered to my mother. I hadn’t followed her plan. She had wanted me to be a doctor. Then the plan was for me to marry some rich woman and settle down with two point four children. Well, I really messed up those plans when I announced I was gay. Then I fouled up even worse when I dropped out of school to work full time as a chef. I sighed quietly and tried to lock the feelings of being a failure and disappointment back in their box.

My mother’s voice broke through my thoughts. “Oh, did you see Penelope and her young man in the paper? He’s made partner in the law firm. He’s the youngest partner they’ve ever had. The pay rise will mean they can move up their plans of starting a family, because of course, Penelope will no longer need to work.” And so ‘perfect Penelope’ strikes again. She had the rich husband, and soon she’d give my parents the grandkids they wanted above all else.

“Is your young man still working on his pictures?”

“Yes mom, Andrew is still taking photos. He has a commission from—” But it was no use, my parents thought Andrew was a waste of space. It didn’t matter he sold his photos for thousands, or that he had requests from celebrities for photo shoots, and more.

My mother continued her rambling. “That’s nice, dear. Your father is calling so I need to go find out what he wants. Don’t forget we’re arriving Christmas Eve and will need dinner that day as the food on the plane is always atrocious and upsets your father’s gut, so we won’t eat on board.”

“Bye, Mom.” I barely finished before I heard the dial tone telling me she’d hung up first. I sighed and headed for the kitchen.

When Andrew arrived home I was sat at the kitchen counter sipping from a glass of wine and scribbling notes on a pad of paper.

“How many?” He took his coat off and hung it over a chair as he spoke.

“Two.” I replied and twirled the glass in my fingers.

“Great, what did the demon mother-in-law want this time?”

He stole my wine and I waited until he’d taken a large mouthful before answering.

“Her and father are coming to visit for Christmas.”

I sidestepped as Andrew sent wine spewing over the kitchen counter.

“What!” Andrew snatched the cloth I held out to him and started to clean the mess he’d made. “Why is that monster coming here? She usually goes to Penelope’s for the holidays. What’s happened? Is Penelope okay?”

“Mom decided it was time for a change. Or that’s what she said. Seeing as Penelope’s Oliver has made partner though, I’m guessing they’re celebrating and Penny doesn’t want anyone else around. Mom did hint Penny is thinking of starting a family, very soon.”

“Great.” Andrew finished my glass off and poured us both another.

I threw my hands up in the air. “She’s given me a list of what to cook, directions on how to decorate the house, and of course a timeline on getting it all done. I haven’t got time to do all this shit, and you’re as busy as I am, what’re we going to do?”

I shoved the pad of paper closer to Andrew so he could see what I needed to get and do within the next two weeks.

I could see him getting angrier and angrier as he read. “Half this stuff will need to be shipped in and will cost a fortune at such short notice. If we can get it at all. Then it will all need to be cooked from scratch. You already work in a hot kitchen six days a week. Why would you want to spend any of your precious days off cooking too?”

I shrugged. “What choice do I have? The decorations are going to be the hardest. Most tree places will have sold out of the kind of tree my mother has in mind. And anyway she’s not the one who’d be clearing up the fallen needles for weeks after.

Because, of course, a fake tree just wouldn’t do.”

“We’ll tell her that she’ll get whatever I cook for Christmas dinner and if she wants decorations she can go somewhere else. She’s got to learn that she can’t keep running roughshod over what everyone else wants. Everything can’t always go her way. Why doesn’t your father grow some balls and tell her what he really wants to do for Christmas?  His idea of a romantic Christmas at home in front of a roaring fire sounded great when I spoke to him last. Why does she always have to—”

“Calm down, love.” I stepped in front of him as I spoke and laid a hand on his chest.

The action worked as I planned and soon I was enfolded in his strong arms and I took my first easy breath of the evening.

The restaurant had been jam-packed that day. We’d had a new boy start on the garnish station. A very eager new boy. Joey had knocked over and smashed an entire pile of plates when he turned too fast. He’d overcooked three garnishes and undercooked five. He’d tripped poor Rachel over and caused her to drop the food she was bringing to me. And that was all in the first few hours of the service. It only got worse. I had to send him home in the end and he’d been in floods of tears.

“Hmmm, so what shall we order for dinner?” I asked and grinned as Andy’s teeth nibbled on my neck.

“I’m quite happy to eat what I have hold of right now.” His breath brushed along my throat causing shivers to course through me.

I chuckled and allowed him to lead me to the bedroom.


14th December

“I need that entrée now, Denis.” I glared over my shoulder at the man in question.

“How long?”

“Ten seconds, Chef.” He arrived at the pass and after a cursory check I plated the food and sent it out.

“Okay, I need two chicken for table three. Lyn, I need three fish for table two. And Jenny, I need the garnish to arrive with them.”

“Yes, Chef,” echoed round the kitchen. The crashing of pans and yelled orders melded into white noise. I handed the pass to Donny and took the time to head out to the greeting area. The restaurant was full, with servers bustling about with drinks and food. The customers all seemed happy, chatting and laughing as they ate.

The scene reminded me of opening night, Christmas Eve a year ago…


The day was going terribly. The decorations weren’t finished, the tables weren’t all set, and four staff hadn’t turned up. I was at my wits end. Then Andy showed up. My wonderful boyfriend looked around and took immediate charge. He had the servers finishing the decorations in record time. He rung a few of our friends and they filled in for the missing staff. Between the two of us we set all the tables and everything went smoothly. The evening got even better when Andrew got down on one knee and proposed. The customers cheered and the staff brought Champagne. It was the best night of my life. Andy planned everything down to getting my staff involved and having them make us a special dinner at the end of the service.


My phone vibrated and broke my out of my wonderful trip down memory lane.

I slipped out of a side door to answer it. “Haldren.”

“Mr. Haldren, this is Gerard at Prachets. I am ringing with unwelcome news about your recent order. I’m afraid the shipment arrived damaged and must be returned to the supplier. I’ve just received information that the next shipment won’t be here until after Christmas. They’re just too backed up to get it here any sooner. We will of course—”

“Hang on, what do you mean you can’t get more until after Christmas? I paid over the odds to get delivery before Christmas guaranteed. That gift was for my husband what do you propose I give him now? Getting something else this close to the day is going to be well-nigh impossible.”

“Well, um, I can offer you a complimentary gift card for you partner. He can use it for whatever he chooses and of course, the delivery charge will be refunded for your item, delivery will be free as soon as it arrives in store.”

Complimentary gift card? Partner? It pissed me off when people couldn’t bring themselves to acknowledge Andrew and I as a married couple.

“You can take your complimentary gift card and stick up your tight fucking ass. I will also expect all my money back in my account by end of business tomorrow because you can shove my order after the gift card.”

I hung up on his stuttered reply and headed back to the kitchen. The service was up to the desserts now and everything was winding down. I helped Janine clean down her station before I headed back to my office to get some online shopping done before I had to do the final checks.


17th December

I sat with my head in my hands as I surveyed the sea of paper surrounding me. It was six in the morning and I had too much to do. I had times sheets to file, order sheets to send, mother’s list still to complete, and now on top of all that I had to find an alternative present for Andy.

I was a failure, that was the only explanation. I couldn’t think of any present perfect enough for the most important person in my life. What do you get a man who says he has everything he needs?

“How you doing, love?” Andy ambled in dressed in just a low riding pair of sleep pants. “Did you even go to sleep yet?” he dropped a kiss on my head as he headed for the coffee machine.

“I got a few hours.” I yawned as I spoke and ran my fingers through my already messy hair. I shoved the plans for Andy’s present at the bottom of the pile and rose to get another kiss.

“Hmmm, to what do I owe all the kisses so early in the morning?”

“Can’t I want to kiss my husband?” I snuggled into his arms and let out a heartfelt sigh. I loved the way he never asked why he just wrapped me in those strong arms and held me until I was ready to talk.

“So how far have you got with your mother’s list?”

I pulled away with a grimace. “Not very. The internet can only get you so far. I mean I can get the tree and most of the ingredients I need. But, I’m still going to have to put everything together on the day. Also, some places can’t deliver so I’m going to have to go and collect things on Christmas Eve before I go in to help prep for service.” I could hear my voice breaking and went to turn away. Andy held me tighter and I buried my face in his neck. Slowly I got control and looked up into his concerned gaze.

“This is too much for you, babe.” He shushed me when I tried to protest. “No, give me your mother’s list and I will deal with it. No arguments. I can put my new intern to work on some of it and work on the rest between shoots.”

I sagged against him in relief. Him taking control of the mess was exactly what I needed. If I could concentrate on the restaurant paperwork then maybe I could also have time to find the perfect present for Andy too.

I yawned hard enough to make my jaw crack. “Go to bed for a couple of hours. I’ll wake you up before I leave for the Anderson shoot at ten.”

I thought about arguing, after all, I was perfectly happy there in his arms. But, another yawn had him smacking my ass and sending me to bed.


I sat at a table after the prep was finished and trawled through site after site of what claimed to be unique gifts. I looked at personalized shirts, plates, towels, and even underwear. A site recommended to me on Facebook showed personalized condoms, cock rings, and to my utter shock, butt plugs. I could even have a dildo molded from own cock to give him, for when I wasn’t around. God, by the time I’d been looking for an hour I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cringe.

Finally, in a fit of desperation I text my best friend, Zara.

<I need help!>

Her reply was quick. <I’ve been saying that for years ;) >

<Haha, no I mean it. The shop can’t deliver A’s gift for xmas>

<What!!! Why? WTF do they expect you to do? I hope you told them what for and got your money back>

Ha that was typical of Zara. She was always on my side and there when I needed her. I still remembered my first boyfriend in high school. God, she’d really laid into him when we’d split, until I’d told her that I was the one who’d dumped him not the other way around. We’d never have worked out, he was so far in the closet he was almost to Narnia.

<Z, I need a new gift asap. What can I get him? It needs to be something unique.>

<You, naked, wearing just a bow tie.>

<Haha, seriously. I need ideas like yesterday.>

<Leave it with me and I’ll text you with a list of ideas in the morning. Now get to work.>

<Yes dear x.>

I pocketed my phone and headed for the kitchen to do the last-minute checks before giving the okay to open the doors.

The night went smoothly with only a few mistakes to slow the service down. By the end of the night I was tired but happy. Now if could only find the perfect present for Andy I would be ecstatic.

At home, I surfed the net a while longer but still couldn’t find anything that stood out as the gift.


20th December

Argh, I wanted to rip my hair out at the roots. I had five days, count them, five days to find the gift to rival all other gifts and I was still drawing a blank. I’d looked at everything from underwear to sex toys to books. Nothing stood out as unique. I knew Andy would have picked out the perfect gift for me, he always did. I needed to get this right. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I was already a disappointment to my parents, I couldn’t cope with being the same to my husband.

Then the phone rang and my day got even better…

“Hi, Mom.”

“Darling, how are the preparations going? If you need my help I can always come down early. Of course, Penelope has never needed any help, but then she has her young man to support her.”

I really didn’t have time for my mother’s usual bitchiness, and I knew just how to wind her up and hopefully get her off the phone quicker.

“That’s okay mom, Zara is helping me with the decorations. You know she has a good eye for artistry and interior design.”

Zara!” I grinned as my mother’s voice became a screech. “Why would you ask that trashy tart to help you decorate your home? Why would you even allow her in your home? She’s probably already stolen anything of value you have.”

Enough was enough. “Mom, you know very well Zara is no thief or tart. Just because her parents weren’t very honest doesn’t mean she is the same. She runs a perfectly good business and is doing very well for herself. Actually, she’s getting married next year, I’m hosting the ceremony and reception at the restaurant. I’m sure she would extend you an invitation if I asked.”

My mother sniffed, I could almost see her in my mind wrinkling her nose as though she was smelling something bad. “I’m sure your father and I will be busy on that date. But, do offer my condolences to her intended. How much money is he paying?”

I hung up. If I hadn’t I would have said something I would’ve had to apologize for later, even if I meant every word.

I went back to my list and started again with a new internet search. I entered the search terms; ‘unique gift something different male’, and hit enter.

I flicked through the results not really paying attention until a picture caught my eye.

It couldn’t be.

That would be perfect.

Please let them have it in stock. And please let them be able to get it to me in time.

I registered with the site and entered all the details it asked for. I added the item to my basket and proceeded to the checkout.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the in-stock label next to the item. I just about jumped for joy when I saw the option for express delivery, and the option of having the item put together for me by the delivery people.

I checked all the relevant boxes and added my payment details. Within twenty minutes I was refilling my coffee cup and congratulating myself on a job well done.

Now all I had to do was get through the next four dinner services and two parties and I was golden.

Oh, and call Zara.

I fished out my phone and after checking the time I hit the speed dial.

“Yo, do you realize what the time is? Just ‘cause you don’t sleep don’t mean I don’t.”

“Z, I know you never go to bed before midnight and it’s not even eight o’clock yet. I need a favor.”

“It’ll cost you.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I need you to be at my place tomorrow afternoon while Andy’s at work. His gift is being delivered between one and three and I need it put in the basement until I do the big reveal.”

“You finally found something? What is it? Is it a spanking bench? Oh, what about a St Andrew’s cross? Or—”

“Zara! No, I haven’t gotten him anything sexual. Just get it put in the basement, I’ll have more people coming on the twenty-second to set it up and arrange the room how I want it.”

“But, I want to know what it is.” Zara’s voice had taken on a whine and I grinned, it wasn’t often I got one up on her.

“You’ll see when it’s all set up…after Andy’s seen it first.”

“Fine!” She let out a dramatic sigh and a giggle before hanging up.

I shook my head and headed to service with a bouncy step. Nothing was going to ruin my good mood.


21st December

“Mom, I told you I have everything under control. It will all be ready for your arrival on Christmas Eve.” I’d only been home a few hours and I wanted to get to bed, I didn’t want to be trying to calm my mother down about a visit I didn’t even want to happen.

“Are you sure, dear? I know how easily you men get distracted and with no woman to help you I’m sure you need some female guidance. I hope you’ve got the place decorated appropriately, we’ll be taking photos to show the family and I don’t want you embarrassing us. Penelope always makes sure there’s a specific spot made up just for the family photo. I always praise her organization skills. She seems to have that innate female skill of making everything come together perfectly.”

Of course, she does. Perfect Penny would be perfect at anything. The sun shines out of perfect Penny’s backside. I’m just the fucking, faggot, family failure.

“Are you listening?” I heard the warning tone in my mother’s voice and wondered what I’d missed. “You know since you got with that lay-about you’ve become lazy. You don’t call—” I wonder why? “—you don’t visit—” again why was that a surprise? “—and you’re always busy for family events. You even missed the family Easter BBQ.”

“I was busy, Mom,” I tried to cut her upcoming tirade short, but it wasn’t to be.

“You’re always too busy. That man has taken you away from where you belong. You should have settled down with one of those nice girls we introduced you to. You could have had children by now and not left it all to your sister.”

“Mom, I’m gay! I would never have been happy with a woman. I would have just made us both miserable. What woman deserves that?” My words were in vain though, my mother was on a roll.

“Who cares about happiness? What about family duty? And living up to your responsibilities? You were supposed to continue the family name. You were supposed to become a doctor and have a son to follow in your footsteps. You—”

I hung up and curled into a ball on the couch. I didn’t need to hear the rest. The list of what I had been supposed to do was long and she would keep going until I ended up apologizing for anything I could think of just to make her stop.

Why couldn’t she be happy with me as I was? Curling tighter I let the tears fall. I was tired and had another long night to look forward to. I wanted to fall into bed and stay there for a week.

“Eric?” Andy’s voice was thick with concern. “What are you still doing up? You should have been in bed at least an hour ago.”

As soon as he was near enough I locked my arms round his neck and clung. He rubbed my back and kissed wherever he could reach until I’d calmed down enough to loosen my grip.

“Come on, love, let’s get you into bed.”

I allowed him to guide me to our bedroom. He stripped me and tucked me into our big soft bed. I let out a contented sigh when I felt him settle next to me and pull me back into his arms. This was what I needed. My husband meant everything to me and I needed him in my life. I would never take the gift of his love for granted. I wanted to cherish it in my heart forever.

I half woke to hear shouting drifting in from the living area. I couldn’t make out the words, but I could tell Andrew was upset about something. I tried to make my tired limbs work enough to untangle myself from the blankets, but he’d made sure I was so well-wrapped that I didn’t get very far before sleep pulled me back into its welcome embrace.

The next time I woke up I was glad to find Andrew curled around me again and watching me with a mischievous smile.

“What have you done?” I narrowed my eyes as Andrew put on the fakest innocent expression I had ever seen.

“Me?” He pointed a finger at his own chest. “I ain’t done nuffin’.”

I shook my head at his mangled English. I looked at his face and decided I didn’t care what put that smile on his face. I wanted him and I wasn’t getting out of bed until I had him.

I rolled on top of him and took a kiss. It didn’t take long for him to take control and I soon found myself stripped of the blankets and bared to him.

“I see you’re definitely awake now.” I shuddered as he gave me one long stroke before standing to strip off.

“I’m not the only one awake.” I took in the sight of him standing tall and proud by the bed. I held out my arms and he moved into them to give me a morning I wouldn’t soon forget.


24th December

“Josh, what are you doing here?” My former boss and mentor grinned and stuck a thumb over his shoulder.

“Your man asked for my help with his plan.”

Andrew followed Josh in and he wore a matching grin. What were they up to? I had a service to prep for. And my parents were due at our home soon. Andrew had reassured me he had it all under control when I asked why no decorations were up, and why the tree hadn’t arrived yet.

“Love, why are you here? Why aren’t you at home getting everything ready?”

“Everything is ready. All I need you to do is find some chef’s whites for Josh and get your coat. I have everything else ready in the car.”

“You’re not making any sense.” I looked from one man to the other and could see Josh was trying hard not to laugh. “What’s going on?”

“Your parents are at this moment heading for a romantic break at Josh’s getaway cabin. I spoke to your mother, and when that didn’t work, I had a few strong words with your father.

“After a fair bout of yelling and few threats, he grew a sudden backbone and agreed they’d be better off not visiting anyone for Christmas. Apparently, he doesn’t want your mother knowing about his last visit to the Vegas casino I saw him at. I was there taking pictures of some event and found one of him when I checked the proofs later the same evening. I’ve been wondering if they’d come in handy for something. Your reaction the other night was the last straw.

“As for us, we’re booked into the honeymoon suite of the Keomian hotel. I did a shoot for the owner last year and he was only too happy to accommodate us. We’re staying there until you need to be here to prep for the New Year crowd. Josh is taking the service for you tonight, so get him up to date and we’ll be good to go.”

I worked on auto pilot. I introduced Josh to my staff for the night and showed him the basics he needed to get through the night’s service.

Before I knew it, I was walking out the door on my husband’s arm.


25th December

It was Christmas Day! And I was in heaven. I was in a luxury suite in one of the top hotels with my husband curled up warm behind me. All was perfect in my world.

I’d had a mini panic attack in the car when I realized I wouldn’t be able to give Andy his gift on time, but then I remembered I’d taken photos and video footage on my phone. I was sure he wouldn’t mind seeing photos of what was waiting for him at home. I’d been so tired when we arrived I’d fallen into bed and after feeling Andy wrap around me I’d dropped into a dreamless sleep.

But, now…I snuggled back into the warmth of his arms.

“Mmm, you’re the best thing to wake up to Christmas morning.” Andy’s voice was soft with sleep, but part of him was very hard and definitely awake.

I wriggled back pressing my ass to his groin causing us both to let out heartfelt groans.

“I want to take my time with you.” Andy’s voice was a husky whisper in my ear. “I’m going to start here.” He licked the shell of my ear causing a shiver to run down my spine. “And end up right here.” His fingers travel down my still shivering spine and over the curve of my ass. “Then I’m going to make love to you until you are begging me for release.”

I was ready to start begging right there and then, but he was as good as his word.

He started by kissing me until I wasn’t sure I could have told you my name. His lips sent quivers through me as he headed for my sensitive nipples. No one had ever paid so much attention to them as he did, he always spent enough time on them to have me writhing under him. How had I got so lucky to have such an attentive husband? He was a god to me.

The more I wriggled the more he tormented me. I was a hot, panting mess by the time he moved on and I only got hotter as he settled on my hard, leaking cock. I tried to grab on to him. I wanted him in me or I was going to finish in an embarrassingly short amount of time. I wanted us to come together. He obviously had other plans because all he did was bat my hands away and pin them to the bed by my hips as he swallowed me down to the root. I’m not sure if I screamed when I came, but I’m damn sure my vision went grey and when I came back to my self he’d already flipped me onto my front.

“Ready for more,” he purred in my ear and slid down my back. I pushed back into him and heard a chuckle right before his tongue hit my ass.

He kept such a tight hold of my hips he was sure to leave bruises. All that thought did was to ramp up my arousal again. It seemed my body wanted to make up for all the late nights and missed love making. I tried to push back. I wanted him in me. Right. That. Second. But, his grip was too tight and all I could do was take whatever he decided he would give me. Damn the man was a fucking tease.

Finally! I felt a slick finger breach me. He glided in and straight onto my hot spot. I swear if he hadn’t still been holding me with his free hand I would have lifted off the bed at the pleasure that shot through me. I was hard and dripping again, as though I hadn’t already come once.

“Now! Now! Now!” I demanded as one became two, then three, then four fingers. He was taking too long, and damn him the bastard was doing it deliberately.

“Ah, you’re so tight and hot,” Andy groaned when he eventually gave into my begging and slid his cock home in on long slow glide. He must have been all teased out as he took up a fast pounding rhythm. Our sweat-soaked bodies slid against one another as he leaned over me and seemed to thrust harder and deeper, as though he was trying to meld us into one being.

My climax didn’t just hit me, it knocked me out—again. I don’t know how long had passed, but I woke to find myself cuddled up to Andy’s firm chest with our legs tangled together.

“Back with me, love?” he chuckled in my ear. I mumbled a reply before snuggling closer to his warmth causing him to laugh harder. “I need to move so I can get your present.”

I perked up at that, I loved presents, and I wanted to show him what he’d see when we got home.

“Okay.” I shifted to the side and while he reached into the bedside table I scouted around for my phone. I leaned off the bed and found my pants lying just under the edge. Pulling them up with me I fished in the pockets until I found what I wanted.

I turned back to find Andy holding out a small box with an adorable expression on his face. I took the box and set about teasing the shiny paper off it, being careful not to damage it.

“Do you really have to do that with every present you receive?” he huffed after a few minutes of me trying to get into my gift.

“Yes,” I claimed defiantly and continued to pick until I had all the tape undone and I was looking at a gift box from my favorite jewelers. Opening the box I let out a gasp at the beautiful rings I revealed.

Andy was fiddling with the blankets and didn’t look at me as he spoke. “After I proposed we got married quite quickly and our rings were what the shop had in stock. We said when we could we’d replace them with more personal ones. I designed these and got Benny to make them. I remembered what you said about no gem stones because you don’t want to have to take it off for work.”

“They’re perfect,” I breathed as I took in the sight before me. The gold gave off a rainbow hue when turned to the light. Each ring had a series of designs etched into it. On closer inspection, I saw the images correlated to events in mine and Andy’s relationship. There was a picture of a fish; because we met when I ran into him—literally—by the fish stall of the local farmers market. Next was a tree; we had our first kiss under a tree when we went on a hike. The list went on, they were the perfect gift.

I threw my arms around Andy and kissed him with all I had. “I love you, they’re perfect, just like you are.”

Pulling back I reached for my phone. “Your gift is too big to be moved and since you packed for me, you knew I wouldn’t have it here with me. But, I do have pictures and a video for you to look at.”

I handed him my phone after hitting play on the slideshow I’d set up.

I watched Andy’s face grow wide with shock as he watched my gift unveil before his eyes. I thought about all the favors I’d called in to get it done in time. The basement of our home transformed within days into a modern games room. The focal point was an old-fashioned pinball machine I’d found online. Andy loved all sorts of arcade games, and I paid a lot to make sure it arrived at the time I specified. Zara had made sure it was out of sight, and after some wheedling on her part, had helped with the interior decorating I needed done to make the room ready. The room had the pinball machine, three games consoles, and space so Andy could add to it as he found other games he wanted.

This time it was it him who jumped me and kissed me to distraction. The knots I’d had since the call about his original present unknotted. He liked it and I wasn’t a failure. At least not to the one person who matters—my husband.

This was the best Christmas present ever. Spending the day in the arms of the one I love more than anything else in the world.




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New GA Anthology – White Elephant Presents… 14 Days of Christmas Stories! #GayAuthors #FREE

That’s right GA authors have come together again and put together some wonderful Christmas Stories for your enjoyment.

Admin – Cia, posted a set of numbered presents and authors were asked to choose (or even steel) a present by a set date.

She then revealed the prompts and we had to write a holiday-themed story around that prompt.

My prompt was number #6 (which I stole from Val after someone else stole my favorite number #13):

“It’s an envelope with your name on it. Your Secret Santa probably doesn’t have a clue who you are and got you a gift card, but, surprisingly, the envelope is your favorite color of purple. You open it and find….”

I also added the image, that is in the blurb below, as an accompaniment to my story.

To read my story continue reading. To see all the other stories feature in this game click here. Always remember it is FREE to register and read with

Who is it from? by Carol Pedroso.


I looked at the envelope. I knew what it was by the Company Secret Santa sticker on it. So, why was I nervous to open it. It was probably just a gift card, no one knew me well enough to get me anything personal.

But, then why was it my favorite shade of purple????


I looked at the envelope. I knew what it was by the Company Secret Santa sticker on it. So, why was I nervous to open it. It was probably just a gift card, no one knew me well enough to get me anything personal.

But, then why was it my favorite shade of purple? It had to be a coincidence. Right?

I picked up the envelope and turned it over. There were no identifying marks, nothing to tell me who may have left it to me. Even my name was typed.

I huffed to myself. The whole point of a Secret Santa was that no one knew who was buying what for whom.

In the end, I ripped it open and pulled out the contents.

It was a postcard!

It was the statue of liberty front and center.

I flipped it to the back and read the short message.

I am not at liberty to divulge my name, but if you head for the lady at one o’clock tomorrow there will be another surprise waiting for you at the gift shop counter.

I frowned at the card and turned it over a few more times. That was it. Was it some sort of joke?

I stuffed the card into my pocket and sat down to work. I’d figure it out later.


I stood at the door of the Statue of Liberty gift shop and told myself again that I was being made a fool of. There was probably someone close by from the office with their camera on me waiting to see if I actually took the bait.

But, my curiosity was stronger than my survival instinct and I entered slowly.

I waited my turn at the counter and when I was called forward by a pretty assistant with the name tag Sophie I kept my eyes down.

“Um, I was told a message would be left here for me,” I mumbled feeling more stupid by the second.

“Oh, you must be Billy.” She clapped her hands together in apparent excitement and spun to shuffle through some papers behind her. “Here it is. Can I see what it says?” She looked so excited for me that I nodded helplessly.

Ripping open the card I found another postcard, this one was of Ellis Island Immigration Museum.  Also in the envelope was an entry ticket for the museum. The back read, 12 million immigrants made their entrance via Ellis Island. Go see their stories and find another clue to your surprise.

“Oh, how romantic,” Sophie gushed. “You’re on a treasure hunt.”

I thanked Sophie and headed back out. The museum wasn’t far, but I didn’t want to get stuck on the island after the last ferry left.

The inside of the museum was cool, and I headed up to the ticket counter. I wandered the exhibits as fast as dared. I didn’t want to miss anything, but I also really wanted to know what the next clue was and what this mysterious surprise was. However, most of all I wanted to know who was behind it all.

My attention was caught by a particular story when someone tapped me on the back. I looked around and then looked down.

A little boy of no more than five was staring up at me. I crouched down to his height and smiled. “Hi, there. Where are your parents?”

The little boy pointed to a woman who was standing off to one side watching us both carefully.

“Are you Billy?” the boy asked.

Snapping my attention back to him I nodded. “Yes, I’m Billy.”

“I’m Tod.”

“Hi, Tod, what can I do for you?”

Tod pulled his hand from behind him and I saw a familiar purple envelope. “The man said to give you this. He gave me sweets.”

I took the envelope and tucked it into my pocket before straightening and taking Tod’s hand to lead him back to his hovering mother.

“I did it, mama.”

“You did well sweet boy.” He jumped into his mom’s arms and she hugged him close.

“Hi, I’m Zara.” I shook her hand. “The young man who gave us that said you’d know what it was about. I hope it’s not something bad. He assured me it wasn’t.”

I rushed to reassure her. “No, it’s fine. A work colleague of mine is playing a game with me for Christmas and leading me around Ellis Island with clues to a surprise.”

“What a lovely idea. I hope you enjoy your surprise.”

I waved them off and opened the envelope. This time it was a picture of Battery Park.

On the back is read, come get your surprise. Follow the ribbon.

In the bottom of the envelope was a piece of purple ribbon.


I entered Battery Park and looked around. It didn’t take me long to see a piece of purple ribbon fluttering in the breeze.

I headed towards the tree it was tied to and saw another not far away. I spent a good half an hour following the various pieces of ribbon from tree to tree. I was sure that someone was leading me in circles and was adding more ribbon as I moved. Finally, I found myself in a small grove of trees. It was only then I saw a picnic laid out on a red and white checkered cloth. There was a bottle of wine in a cooler, with two glasses beside it. All my favorite foods were laid out on plates and in bowls. There were; apples, strawberries, cream, chocolate, sandwiches, and as I got nearer I smelled warm chicken.

“Surprise,” came a soft voice from behind me. I spun and froze when I met a pair of familiar stunning blue eyes.


“I hope you like it. Merry Christmas, Billy.”

Terry stood and seemed to be waiting for my answer, but I was speechless. Terry was the assistant to Mr. Simmons, the big boss of the company. I spoke to him most days when I went to pick up my next work cases. He was beautiful. And so out of my league. Or so I thought. Maybe…

I snapped out of my thoughts when I saw his face fall and I realized I’d taken too long to answer him.

“It’s lovely, Terry.” I smiled, and he grinned. “How did you manage to find out all my favorites?”

Terry blushed. “You always keep the same fruit snacks in the break room fridge. Since Chrissy left I’ve been handling the lunch sandwich orders so I knew you ordered the same most days. And I remember you mentioning your mother chicken being your favorite when I paul brought some in to celebrate his birthday after hours one day.”

“You’ve been watching me a while,” I murmured and moved closer to him.

“Yes,” He breathed.

“Well, we mustn’t let all this wonderful food go waste.”

I held out a hand and led him to the blanket.

We had a wonderful feast. I found out he’d been too shy to approach me at work and so had made sure he ended up with my name for the Secret Santa. He’d then set everything up so he could get me alone and hope I felt the same as he did.

I for one was very grateful. I told him how I’d watched him too.

It was the beginning of something wonderful.

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