Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 8.4

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Chapter 8.4

Silence followed Kitryn’s explanation and everyone jumped when Elder Patrick slapped his hands down on the table.

“That woman thinks it’s okay to take other people’s powers? To help herself to more than fate decided she was capable of using? Who does she think she is? And to try and take a child? No, that will not be allowed.”

“Um, things may be worse.” The interruption came from a male further down the table.
Elder Patrick jerked his head up. “What do you mean Xander?”

“Well, I was informed on my way to this meeting that Seer Wanda is missing and has been since last night.”

Shouts erupted around the table.

“The seer is gone?”

“Why are we only just hearing about this?”

“How long was she gone before she was missed?”

“We have to organize a search party to find her.”

“What if she’s already dead?”

The last comment caused silence to descend and Fran’s voice whispered out into that silence.

“She is not dead and you have time to save her.” Heads turned and Kitryn stared at Fran’s blank eyes, her voice was low and stilted, completely unlike her usual tone. She sounded like she was reading from something that no one else could see.

Fran continued as though nothing was out of the ordinary. “To retrieve what has been stolen and to end the evil moving in your midst, clans, prides, packs and all other supernaturals must unite.

“The evil will target all Seers and all must be warned and protected at all costs.

“Heed these words of warning or suffer the consequences.”

As soon as she’d finished speaking Fran slumped, her head falling to her arms on to the table.

“Fran!” Kitryn’s cry of alarm jolted everyone back into action.

Simon reached for Fran at the same moment as Kitryn, they pulled her up and moved next to each other so she was cradled between them.

Her breathing was even and she seemed to be sleeping but Kitryn wanted to be sure and he especially wanted to know what had happened.

“She’s coming round,” Simon breathed against Kitryn’s cheek as they both bent to get a better look at Fran’s face.

“Kitty?” Fran’s voice was confused as though she had just woken up from a long sleep.

“I’m here sweetheart, so is Simon.” Kitryn brushed some hair off her face. “Do you remember what just happened?”

Fran’s nose scrunched up as she thought and then she shook her head. “Everyone was yelling. Then I sitting here.”

Meg spoke up drowning out the others at the table who were getting loud again. “Her powers are growing and fast. That was a Seer’s trance. They never remember what they’ve said, that is left to whoever hears what’s said. We need to write down what she said before we forget any of the details.”

Paper was produced and Xander acted as scribe until everyone was happy with the result.

By then Patrick had retaken control of the meeting.

“So we need to start a list of things to do. First will be making sure Fran and her family are protected. To that end, I am offering them full sanctuary and the full protection of this Den. Anyone disagree?” there were head shakes and so Patrick continued. “Okay, next is trying to follow the commands of our newest Seer. How do we contact all the supernaturals to pass on the warning without tipping our hand to the enemy? We don’t want them to know we’re onto them.”

“We can start with the groups we know and are allied with first and work from there,” someone offered.

“Good idea, Jeremy. I’ll contact the Jade Vampire Clan first, they’re nearest and the largest allie we have. From there we’ll liaise with Elder Carl. As we add more allies we’ll have more Elders to help with ideas and spreading the word.”

The meeting broke up and Kitryn and Simon ushered Meg and Fran back to their room before anyone could stop them to start asking the questions Kitryn knew people wanted the answers to.

Once they were safely back in their rooms and Fran was playing with the other kits Kitryn turned to Meg. “Start talking. What do we need to do? How do we deal with this.”

“And how do the Hunters that made us leave my cave come into this? Are we facing two enemies or one working together?”

Kitryn groaned they had more questions than answers and he was getting sick of being behind the eight ball.

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Quick update

Hi Everyone

Due to some more teacher strikes at my daughter’s school and then the half term holidays I’m running a bit behind on my writing schedule (not to mention my housework). The posts for the blog may a bit hit and miss for the next two weeks while I catch up. Please bear with me.

On the plus side, Andrew and Jamie’s story is nearly finished. The aim is to finish in the next two weeks.

Help! My Lover’s an Alien has had more added and I am still going through some more suggestions from a friend. That should be finished by the end of the month.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy

Happy Reading Everyone

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GA Review – Making Sense of Secret Gifts by Timothy M


Welcome to another GA Review post. We’re here with Tim as my GA featured author.

To find out more about Timothy M see my first review staring him.

The Secret Santa Game

Making Sense of Secret Gifts


Having relocated after a workplace romance ended disastrously, Colin doesn’t think he’s ready for love. Besides, he has plenty of good things to keep him happy and occupied. A secret admirer is not what he needs, not at all. But who could it be?

This is for ColumbusGuy. I hope you’ll be back with us soon. Thank you to Valkyrie, whose stories about Penguin inspired parts of this story.

My Review:

This is an incredibly sweet story. Tim makes the gifts a perfect match to the Colin’s character and keeps the reader guessing about who is leaving the gifts until right near the end.

The story will keep you reading and hoping that Colin gets his Happy Ending. Colin has been through so much and really needs to be reminded what its like to be wanted and loved.

A wonderful tale of love and healing 4*s

Just click the link here and read it for FREE now…Read Making Sense of Secret Gifts Here

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Book Review – Tales From Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey and others

Please Note: There are a lot of story collections that contain short scenes/stories all set in the Valdemar world created by Mercedes Lackey. I have included links and a review of the first one, but I have also included a Goodreads link at the end that will give you a list of all the books and the order they should be read in.

Also, most of these books are not available on Kindle, they are only available in hard copy. It is not necessary to read these to understand the Valdemar series, they are a great companion to it though.



Filled with magic, intrigue, romance and adventure, Mercedes Lackey‘s world of Valdemar is one of the most popular domains in fantasy literature. Home to the Heralds and their mysterious horselike Companions, the magical Tayledras Hawk-people, and of course, the powerful gryphons, Valdemar has garnered a devoted global following. Now these 17 new tales by fantasy’s greatest authors are sure to add their own chapter to the history of this enchanting land.

Buy Links

Amazon UK

Amazon US

My Review

I loved these tales and especially the fact they are all by different authors who have read and loved the Valdemar series.

The story that stood out for me from this collection was the one that told the story of Van and Jonne (you may remember them from Tim’s story Companionship can be many things). It’s a bloody tale but well written and keeps to the characters very well.

Each author has their own style and their own take of familiar characters, but all are still in keeping with Mercedes Lackey’s writing style and the world she created. The tales a wonderful blend and a joy to read.


Check out GoodReads for more Tales From Valdemar and the order they should read in. 

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KU Review – The Blood Legacy Chronicles by Susi Hawk

Blurb from book one

Ages ago, the gods locked away a dangerous, powerful people… but the seal has been broken…

Clark, a bear descended from one of the original omega lines, has always known Kent was destined to be his mate, thanks to his visions. Clark’s ability to see past, present, and future is powerful, but even he can’t see a straight line out of the dark days ahead of them.

Kent, a descendant of the original alphas, has seen Clark in his dreams since they were children. He’s been yearning for the day when he can finally touch his mate and not just walk in his dreams.

After the sparks fly between them and they unwittingly break an eons old treaty, the powerful couple must trust each other’s gifts and a motley crew of shifters to save their new family… all while Clark is pregnant with triplets.

This is the first book of The Blood Legacy Chronicles. This book is 33k and pretty much guaranteed to have an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, and adults adulting in sexy “knotty” ways. It also contains way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language!

Caution: possible trigger for a brief scene of an interrupted sexual assault and violence against the would be attackers.

My Review

This is a great follow on from the Northern Pines Den Alpha’s Series. It follows the children of the mated pairs in the last series and has them meeting up with other shifters who are descended from the original founding lines.

I fell in love with the character Effy and her three helpers. As well as the rest of the new character the reader meets.

I really can’t pinpoint a favorite book or part of this series. All the books have their great parts and each part adds to the whole.

It is a series that will keep a reader reading until their finished and then if their anything like me, they will end up going back to he beginning to read it all over again.


Buy Links

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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GA Review – Tollbooth Operator by Timothy M


Welcome to another GA Review post. We’re here with Tim as my GA featured author.

To find out more about Timothy M see my first review staring him.

The Secret Santa Game

Tollbooth Operator


Frankie loves his job. He’s good at it too. But events conspire to set him adrift.

Grid & Dice prompt: A neurotic tollbooth operator hides in an inner city one-star no-tell motel because: “Fuck, they saw me!”

This story is part of the Grid & Dice Game started by Cia.

My Review:

Another intriguing  read from Tim. His use of the prompt he received is imaganative and well thought out.

I felt so sorry for Frankie, he was just doing his job and he ended up entangled in someone elses mess. The police, and DA try to reassure him but it is hard for him to understand what is happening.

Tim leaves it up to the reader to decide on what happens at the end, so why not give it a gander and if you have time leave a comment for him or you can comment here and I will pass it on. What do you think happens to Frankie??

As always a highly recommended read 4*s

Just click the link here and read it for FREE now…Read Tollbooth Operator Here

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A Mea Culpa and A Quick Update

Mea Culpa, I noticed that today’s post went out but it hadn’t been copied right and the review was missing. It has now been corrected so please feel free to check out my review of by clicking the link below

Book Review; Exiles of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey

On another note, there will be no Wednesday Briefs chapter this week as my writing schedule has been messed up due to some teacher strikes at my daughter’s school. Hopefully, I should be caught up b next week.

Happy Reading Everyone

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