Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 14.1

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

Sorry for missing I have a few new things going on at home and it took me a while to get myself into a new routine.

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Chapter 14.1

Simon froze, he couldn’t have heard right.

He went to pull away, but Kitryn held on to the back of his head and made him still again.

“No, please, don’t move just, feed and listen.”

Simon settled down and tried to relax as Kitryn kept talking, his soft breath brushing Simon’s ear.

“I know you don’t understand, but I promise I will try to explain. As O’Connor said, different shifters recognize their mates in different ways.

“My breed recognizes our mates by scent. Your scent was all over that cave in the mountains. My cat was tired and in pain when he picked up your scent and he headed for what he felt was safety.

“When I shifted and realized you didn’t know what I was, I knew I couldn’t tell you about being mates until you understood about at least paranormals in general, if not shifters in particular.

“By the time we met up with Meg things were going to hell. We were being chased by men who may have been after one or all of us. Then we met the bears and we found out about the sears. Then Carl brought up mates and O’Connor arrived. I knew I needed to tell you before they did, or you worked out for yourself.”

Simon’s remain still, feeding slowly and trying to soak up and sort out what Kitryn’d said.

So they were mates! What exactly did that mean? Did that mean Kitryn was attracted to him? Simon thought Kitryn was the best looking man he’d ever seen. But he was young, inexperienced, and a new Vampire to boot.

He was a virgin when he escaped the Cult. Then he’s been homeless. Lastly, he’d been turned into a vampire. His total experience was some quick blowjobs in dark alleys when he really got desperate for money. Needless to say, he had been the blow-er, not the blow-ee.

Once he’d been turned he was scared of hurting someone. What did he do now? What should he say? It seemed Kitryn wasn’t finished though.

“You don’t have to say anything right now. All I ask is please don’t push me away. Let me care for you, feed you, and teach you. If you decide you can only offer friendship, then I will try and accept that and not push for more.

“However, if you can see yourself in a relationship with me then I want you to give me a chance to prove myself a worthy mate. I would use everything I know how to do to make you happy and to keep you that way.”

The last part of what Kitryn said and the lost tone of his voice was what broke through Simon stillness.

Removing his fangs and gently licking across the bite to aid healing, Simon thought carefully about what he should say.

“I am attracted to you. As a shifter, I’m sure you can smell that. But, I must tell you I have never been in the relationship. I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

Kitryn stroked a hand softly down Simon’s back. “That’s the joy of being mates, we get to learn together. All you have to do is say yes.”

Simon pushed up to look directly into Kitryn’s eyes, they shone with sincerity and Simon felt his heart melting.


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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 13.3

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Chapter 13.3

Simon watched everything happening as though it was a dream. Elder Patrick came back saying the council would launch a full investigation and they would also be sending an investigator to take all their statements.

Simon had wanted to know why nothing could be done after his family was killed, but Carl had told him that because only one species was affected they couldn’t get involved. There was no proof it had been anything other than a territorial dispute. Even when the seers started to go missing, whoever took them was careful to take clothes and other things people would take if there were leaving their home for a vacation or to move on.

Now with the attack and kidnap, they had proof that something was going on. They had a witness and the fact a mate would never willingly leave their other half.

Carl sighed. “They are obviously done with hiding and are now taking people more openly. What I want to know is what is the final target of this woman and her group? I get she wants power and I assume some sort of recognition. But, there must be more to it than that.”

O’Connor was reclining on a nearby couch. He had insisted on being able to join the war council, as it was being called, even over the healer’s objections. The compromise had been he must stay reclined and must move as little as possible to not slow the healing process down too much.

He scratched at a healing cut on his arm before chiming in, “Of course there is also the mate link to remember.” Simon perked up at the mention of mates again, Carl never had explained what mates were. “As soon as Angel is conscious again they can contact me. They may not be able to able to tell me where they are but at least we can get some information. On the downside, all your healing may be for naught if they are killed.”

“Why?” Simon asked before he could think to keep quiet.

O’Connor frowned at him. “Why don’t you know? You should have been taught mating law before you were a decade old either by your parents or by your tutor.”

Simon flushed and Carl answered for him. “Simon is an unwillingly turned vampire. I am currently trying to fill in as his guardian and tutor. Since I have only had one day of teaching him I think he can be excused any questions.” Carl then turned to Simon. “When to beings mate their life forces are combined. Kill one and you kill both. If Angel is killed then Brian will drop dead wherever he is.”

Simon felt his mouth drop open. “Why would anyone tie themselves to someone so closely?”

O’Connor answered with a smile. “When you meet your mate you’ll understand. The first time you see each other and even if you don’t realize immediately that they are the one for you, you will feel the pull to be with them. You won’t want to be apart and if someone else touches them, even innocently sometimes, you will want to rip that persons arm off. I was swimming when I met Angel. A lot of shifters know their mates by scent but for marine shifters its sound waves in the water. Their sound was like the most beautiful music I had ever heard, in either form. My enforcers who were with me that day thought I was mad. There I was a six-foot-long merman swimming around in circles apparently over nothing. It wasn’t until one of them tried to touch me and I snapped at them that they noticed the little angelfish that had taken up residence on my shoulder.

“We haven’t been separated since that day—until now.”

Simon fell into a thoughtful silence. He had a lot more questions, but he thought it was best to save them for his next lesson with Carl. Or maybe Kitryn or Meg would answer some of them.

“So,” called out Elder Patrick. “What is the plan? We can’t just sit around waiting for the council. Everyone knows how long it takes for them to get moving.”

“Who else is supposed to be arriving? Surely you didn’t just call Carl and me?” O’Connor queried.

Elder Patrick shook his head. “We’re still waiting for Elena and Frank. They should both arrive by tomorrow night.”

O’Connor yawned hugely. “Then I suggest we table any more discussions until then. We need as many heads as we can get together to make sure we cover as many angles as we can.”

More heads nodded and everyone started to file out the door. Carl had picked up O’Connor, ignoring the other elder’s bitching and headed towards the healer’s ward.

Simon followed Kitryn and they made their way back to their suit. Kitryn seemed very quiet and Simon started to wonder what was going through his friend’s head.

They entered the main room and Kitryn indicated for him to follow him to the bedrooms.

“You need to feed,” Kitryn stated sitting on Simon’s bed and undoing the shirt he’d been given when he’d shifted back from his cat form.

Simon shook his head. “Something is wrong.”

Kitryn shut his eyes. “If you feed I’ll tell you what’s going on while you eat.”

Simon nodded and they got comfortable together.

As soon as he bit into Kitryn’s throat, Kitryn spoke, “I’m your mate!”

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 13.2

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

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Chapter 13.2

Carl strode down the hall making the messenger move faster to stay in front of him. He knew he was being mean but at that moment he didn’t care. He’d been having a much-needed nap, thinking Simon and Kitryn would be occupied for a good while. He’d almost laughed out loud at Kitryn’s glare when he’d mentioned mates. The kitty cat didn’t want Simon knowing they were mates.

Carl wondered why, but he wasn’t going to interfere.

That was one of the hard and fast rules all the paranormal councils agreed on. No one was allowed to interfere with true mates—for any reason, at any time, in any place.

The messenger finally stopped at a large door and after knocking opened it and waved them past him.

The room they entered was obviously an exam room of some kind and just as obviously the one patient in the room was steaming mad.

“I don’t care what you say I need to get out there and find my mate. Anything could be happening to them.  Need to be out there searching. I can’t be sidelined. It’s my mate we’re talking about here.”

Elder Patrick was trying without much success to calm the irate male. Unfortunately. The yelling male—whom Carl assumed was Elder O’Connor—was larger than elder Patrick and he had the added advantage of being very pissed off too.

Hoping to diffuse the situation before it led to blows, Carl straightened his back and yelled, “Enough! This is getting us nowhere.” He strode over to the exam bed. Closer he could see the recently healed cuts and bruises covering O’Connor, the male must have put up a hard fight. The scent of the sea hit Carl as he neared, and he realized O’Connor must be some form of marine shifter.

O’Connor switched his attention to Carl and glared. “Who are you? And what gives you the right to tell me ‘enough’?

Carl held his hands up, palm out. “You need to calm down so we can help you find your mate. I am Elder Carl, leader of the Jade Coven.” He gave a short bow.

O’Connor snorted. “Vampires, you’re all so formal and why don’t you have last names?” He returned the bow. “I am Brian O’Connor, Leader of the Mer-folk of the North.”

Carl allowed a small smile and took a seat while everyone else started to calm down and find seats of their own. “What can you tell us about your attackers?”

“I was traveling with five enforcers and my mate. There were at least ten attackers, four of which were vampires. The rest were weres but I didn’t have time to figure out what kind.

“We had stopped for the night near water and the attack caught us all when we were setting up camp. There’s no way they could have planned it any better. That is the only time all members of our party were busy with a task, so there wasn’t anyone on watch. It takes us less than fifteen minutes to set up a camp, so they must have been waiting and watching us.

“While the attack was happening, a female voice was calling out some sort of numbers. It wasn’t one of our attackers they were all male. It didn’t take long to see that depending on what she called out the attackers changed positions. They seemed to duck every blow aimed at them and no weapons touched them. It was as though they knew what we were going to do before we did.”

“Where was your mate during the attack?”

O’Connor’s eyes filled but no tears fell, Carl was impressed with the man’s control, if it had been his mate who was taken he didn’t think he’d be able to talk as O’Connor was.

“Angel was near the water. I told them to escape in the water if things went wrong. But the attackers got past us and threw some sort of binding net over Angel. They didn’t have a chance. By then the enforcers were dead and the last thing I saw before losing consciousness was Angel dangling over some big thug’s shoulder still bound in the net.”

Carl placed a hand on O’Connor’s shoulder. “We will find your mate. I must ask, was Angel a seer?”

O’Connor looked at him sharply. “Yes. I wanted to leave them behind, but they insisted they were safer with me and five enforcers. They said no one would think of a leader traveling with a seer with what going on. Also, no one outside of our family even knows Angel is a seer. They told me when we mated that it must be kept a secret or it would bring us danger. I guess there’s no point keeping the secret anymore.”

Kitryn hissed. “Cheryl is using the stolen powers from the seers she’s kidnapped to find others and capture them. But, why does she want them? What’s her final goal?”

Carl cleared his throat. “I think it’s time to contact the High Council. We have enough now to prove that not only one species is being targeted. We can at least get them to start an investigation while we continue our own. Two heads and all that.”

Elder Patrick stood up. “I’ll contact them now and get the ball rolling.”

Carl watched him leave and turned back to the rest of the room. “Well gentlemen, I think you all know this means war.

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13.1

Kitryn panted hard as he tried to catch his breath and stop Simon from realizing his other predicament. He’d nearly attacked Carl when the stupid elder had mentioned mates.

Kitryn wriggled, trying to free himself and only ended up with a nose full of Simon’s scent instead. That didn’t help the other problem he had. In fact, it made it—

The door to the training room slammed open so hard the doorknob left a hole in the wall.

“Elder Carl! Elder Carl! You’re needed immediately. You’re-oh!” The vampire that had rushed in froze, then flushed. “I…umm…I was looking for Elder Carl.” He dropped his gaze and Kitryn had to suppress a hiss of displeasure as Simon lifted himself up and approached the other vamp with a friendly smile.

“Don’t worry. Elder Carl just stepped out and can’t have gone far. Why don’t we help you look for him? Kitryn will help, won’t you?”

Kitryn let out a huff, he couldn’t deny Simon anything. As soon as he’d followed the kits into Simon’s cave he’d caught Simon’s scent and knew what Simon was to him. Then Simon had helped him by getting the needle out of his paw so he could shift but had panicked and shown h knew nothing about the paranormal world. Kitryn had decided to wait for the right time to tell Simon they were mates, but the right time hadn’t presented itself yet.

Giving himself a mental shake, Kitryn focused on the current interruption. “I should be able to find him. His cologne is rather distinctive.”

Then an idea occurred to Kitryn and he grinned. Simon narrowed his gaze at him as he started to strip his clothes off piece by piece.

Kitryn then turned his awareness inward and allowed his cat free rein.


Simon watched as Kitryn’s human form melted away and was replaced by his beautiful cat form. The shift was swift and within seconds the big cat stood and shook out his fur. He stifled the annoyance at the interruption. He was sure Kitryn was on the verge of telling him something important, but the moment had been lost the second the door had crashed open.

“Wow,” came the awed voice of the strange vamp and Kitryn preened under the amazed look he was receiving. Simon laughed and scratched him across the top of his head causing him to shudder and purr.

Simon stooped to grab Kitryn’s clothes and yelped when he got a rough tongue swiped down his cheek.

“Come on Kitty, let’s find Carl and see what all the fuss is about.”

Kitryn trotted to the door and chuffed a laugh when the strange vamp jumped out of the way. They followed Kitryn down the hallway and ended up back at the office they’d met Carl in.

“I tried here first,” the vamp complained. “He’s not here.”

Kitryn let out a low growl and Simon frowned. “If Kitryn says he’s in there then he’s in there.” Who was this vamp to second guess Kitryn’s sense of smell?
Simon stepped up to the door and tapped lightly. “Elder? Carl? You’re needed immediately.”

The door swung open. “What has happen now!” Carl sound completely exasperated and fed up.

The other vamp pushed forward, skirting carefully around Kitryn. “Sir, Elder Patrick sent me to find you. Elder O’Connor has arrived but he’s injured. He was attacked on the road, all his guards were killed and his mate was taken. The elder was left for dead, but he made it here.”

“Take me there now. You two come as well.”

Carl strode off herding the poor messenger in front of him.

Simon and Kitryn hurried after them. When would all this stop?

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12.2

Carl glared at Kitryn when Simon turned his back. He knew the pesky cat was trying to goad him into doing something embarrassing and that was never going to happen.

He clapped his hands together, relishing the fact it made Kitryn jerk suddenly and waited for Simon to turn to him. “Right, I think first I should take you through some vampire history and make sure you are aware of all the law governing our kind.

“History first. The first vampires were created when a witch cursed a family for a perceived offense. No one is really sure what the offense was or if the cursed family actually did anything or not. Before they realized what was happening to them and how to control it they had turned enough people that the change kept going. It spread through an entire village it is said in just a week. At first vampires used their strength to rule their villages and home estates. There are rumors that one of the kings of France was a vampire at one point. Of curse, he was assassinated and replaced fairly quickly.

“There was the great purge when weres and humans banded together and tried to wipe out vampires entirely. When they thought they’d accomplished their goal, humans then turned onto their were allies. Some weres sought out the vampire survivors and we join together to go into hiding.

“Now the law from the high council says that no human is to ever find out about us unless they are the mate to a paranormal creature.”

Simon held up a hand. “High Council? Mate? What do they mean?”

Carl cast an incredulous glance at a stone-faced Kitryn before answering. “The high council is made up of two members from each paranormal species. They only deal with things affect all species together or could cause us to be exposed to the humans.”

“Why aren’t hey involved with this current situation?”

“Because there is no proof yet that anything is happening. Yes, Seers are going missing. But all their clothes and personal things are gone with them. It could be argued they left voluntarily or just didn’t like where they were living and decided to move. As soon as we have concrete proof of what is going on we can go to the council and request investigators.”

“Now, enough talking for now. I should run you through some exercises Simon. That way I’ll know how far along you are and I wont be teaching you things you already know. Let’s head for the training room and start by testing your physical capabilities.”

Carl led the way to the training room and was glad to see it empty.

“We’ll start with running. Five times around the perimeter as fast as you can.”

Simon blinked then sped off. Carl was impressed, the vampling was fast and knew how to pace himself. Carl turned to Kitryn. “What are you waiting for? How is he supposed to measure his speed unless he has someone to race and compare to?”

Kitryn looked like he was going to argue but changed his mind and sped off after Simon. Carl let them run for a while then grinning he called out.

“Change of exercise. Kitryn is now the prey and Simon you have to catch and subdue him.”

Kitryn came to a screeching halt but only for a moment because Simon had done a one hundred and eighty degree turn and was heading straight for him. Kitryn scrambled and managed to dodge the first grasp that Simon made for him. His cat reflexes got used to the fullest as he dodged and jumped to avoid being caught. Simon, on the other hand, was relying solely on his speed. That was something Carl would need to change. Speed—and in the case of a vampire strength as well—were all well and good, but only if you knew how to use them to their fullest advantage.

Round and round, and back and forth they went until finally Kitryn made a mistake, he dodged left instead of right and Simon caught him by the wrist. Kitryn tried to pull away and they both went crashing to the ground. Simon had ended up on top and Carl was pleased to see him immediately move to pin Kitryn down so he couldn’t escape.

Carl was about to make a comment but then see saw they wouldn’t hear him if he dropped a bomb on the pair of them. Silently he exited the room trying to contain his amusement so as not to spoil the moment.

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 12.1

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

Sorry for the long absence, but Alisha is finally back at school and I am starting to get myself back into a routine.

As always, all comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 12.1

Kitryn woke up warm and comfortable. He frowned. His pillow was softer than he remembered and a different shape. He patted it down trying to even out the stuffing.

“If you keep poking me I’ll start returning the favor.”

Kitryn let out a very unmanly yelp and sat up so fast he nearly fell off the side of the bed.

He was only saved by Simon wrapping an arm around his waist to stabilize him.

“Where? How?” Kitryn looked at Simon in confusion.

Simon laughed. “You’re in my room—and bed I might add. You fell asleep after I fed from you. Does that cover all your questions?”

“Um.” Kitryn rubbed his eyes and tried to get his brain functioning fully. “I think so.”

“Good ‘cause food is waiting for you in the living room.”

Kitryn made it to the food with Simon’s help. He tries to ignore Meg’s knowing looks while he ate and fielded questions from the kits.

“So what else is planned for tonight?” Simon asked.

“You have a lesson with Elder Carl in about two hours,” Meg answered from her perch on one of the couches.

Kitryn let out a low hiss. That male was asking to be used as a scratching post. If the vamp wasn’t careful Kitryn would set the kits on him and then stand back and laugh.

“You okay there?” Simon’s voice brought Kitryn out of his fantasy and back to the present.

“Yep, just thinking, maybe I could come with you to your lesson? I would like to find out if what I was taught about vamps is true or whether I need to teach the kits other things.”

He saw Meg smirking out the corner of his eye but she didn’t comment and Simon didn’t seem to notice anything amiss.

“I don’t mind. I can’t speak for Elder Carl though, of course.”

“Oh, I’m sure he won’t mind.” Kitryn mentally rubbed his hands together, let the games begin.


Carl dropped his head to the desk. It never rained but it poured. He’d only been away from his clan for a week and some damn idiot had already nearly started a clan war with his nearest neighbor. His council was calling for him to come back and sort out the mess and weren’t happy when told them he was staying and they would have to pull up their big pants and sort it out themselves.

Why him? Why had he decided to become an elder? Why couldn’t he be happy living as a lone vampire?

He gave himself a shake. No use looking backwards, best to look to the future and deal with what came along as it happened. He had a new vampire to train, a group of seers to find, a rogue shifter to find, and through all that he had to keep his sanity as well. At least he was meeting with Simon soon. He had taught a lot of young vamps in his time and found teaching both interesting and rewarding. Watching someone learn about themselves and discover their talents was a wondrous thing to watch.

A knock on the door made him glance at the time.

“Come in Simon,” he called.

He smiled as his newest student entered the room, then had to fix the smile in place when he was who was with him. He was so not in the mood for this.

“Hi, I thought I’d tag along to make sure my knowledge was up to date for when I need to teach the kits.” Kitryn sounded overly happy and cheery and Carl felt a new headache gaining force by the second.

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Thursday Teaser – Snippet from extended; Help! My Lover’s an Alien.

Since real life has been getting in the way of my writing recently I wanted to share a snippet with you all of a work in progress.

This scene is one that has been added to the extended version of Help! My Lover’s an Alien. Dillon and some friends are taking the Aliens for a trip off the compound and into town.

Alien versus Child

The twins and Ver asked to go on the outing too and so Dillon roped Timmy Harrison and Gerald Collins as extra Human protection. No one wanted a repeat of their first outing if it could be avoided. Piet stayed behind to act as a guard for Mora.

Dillon, Gerry, and Timmy took their group out for a large cooked breakfast to start their outing. The aliens caused quite a stir in the small diner. The funniest moment for Dillon was when a small child asked Lor if he was a girl because he had such lovely long hair.

“No, I am male, young human,” Lor had responded.

The girl had looked at him and shook her head. “You talk funny. I’m Amy. What’s your name? Why is your skin so white? How old are you? I’m six. Why are your lips purple, are you wearing lipstick? Can I touch your hair? Is it soft?”

By that point, Dillon was chuckling. Amy didn’t pause for breath between all her questions and didn’t give anyone a chance to answer her.

A harried man in a rumpled suit ran up to their group. “Amy, why are you bothering these nice people? I’m so sorry sirs, I only turned my back for a moment to pay the check and she was gone when I turned back.”

Amy looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment at getting told off, and Dillon was surprised when Lor waved the man’s apology off and kneeled down in front of Amy.

“Do not apologize for Amy. She is but a curious Youngling.” He looked at Amy and smiled softly. “The answers to your queries youngling are… My name is Lor. My skin is pale because that is how my people look. I am thirty Earth-years old. My lips are purple for the same reason my skin is pale and I do not know what lipstick is. And yes my hair is soft and you can touch it if you would like to.” When he finished speaking, Lor pulled his air from

the braid it was in and allowed it to fall in a long loose tail over his shoulder.
Amy looked once at her father, and after getting a reluctant nod, she moved to brush her fingers through Lor’s hair. Dillon could attest to how soft it was and wasn’t surprised at the pleased grinned on Amy’s face when she felt it.

Dillon kneeled down next to Lor and briefly thought what a sight they all must make kneeling on the floor of the diner. “Amy, my name is Dillon. Lor and his friends here are from another planet. They are here to visit the Earth and to learn about Humans.”

Amy frowned. “Are they going to go to school like me?”

Dillon chuckled. “No, sweetheart. They aren’t going to go to school. They’re only here for a short time. I thought I would show them around and they could learn about humans by watching us. Now, I think your father is waiting for you. Is there somewhere you should be going?”

Amy looked up at the man now hovering over her protectively. He ran a hand through his hair as he spoke. “Um, we were heading to the free clinic over on fourth. My wife is at an appointment, and I brought Amy here because she was getting bored waiting. I’m Darren by the way.”

“That’s understandable. We are heading towards fourth. Why don’t we walk with you, and Amy can ask any more questions she has on the way?”

Darren caved under the pout Amy sent his way and Dillon chuckled when Amy grabbed Lor’s hand and refused to let go.

They moved out of the diner and Amy was chatting away happily. She grabbed Ver with her free hand and soon had them swinging her between them. By the time they reached the clinic, Amy had chatted to all the aliens and had even questioned Dillon, Gerald, and Timmy about life on the compound.

They said their goodbyes, and Dillon heard her exclaim to her father as they walked away. “I’m going to work on the compound when I grow up. Then I can meet the aliens and take them on tours of…” Her words faded as they entered the clinic and the door swished shut behind them.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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