Book Review – The One Thing Money Can’t Buy (Custom Solutions Book 1) By Lisa Oliver


Caractacus Hudson thinks of himself as a non-descript anomaly. A white hedgehog, banished from his prickle because of his genetics, he lives a quiet existence, hoping and praying that one day his prickle will want him back. Winning the lottery was about as likely to happen to Cari, as he was known to his friends, as being hit on the head by a meteor. But one day he did just that – won the lottery, not the meteor thing. Even then, he doesn’t see his life changing overly much, but some over zealous wolves, and a lion shifter bodyguard soon changes his ideas.

Quaid Poullon hates lottery winners, or anyone who’s come into money instead of working for it. A lion shifter with more than his fair share of pride, Quaid balks when his brother Ernest asks him to take care of a hedgehog. But one sniff of the intriguing man goes a long way to changing his opinion. Now all he has to do is work out how to keep his little mate safe, which isn’t as easy as it should be.

A pack, a prickle, even the cat coalition want a piece of Cari and it’s not just for his sudden wealth. Suddenly the boundaries between who can be trusted and who can’t are seriously blurred and it’s all Quaid can do is try and stay one step ahead. When a bite has unexpected repercussions, even the council get involved. Is there ever going to be a scenario when Quaid and Cari can be safe?

The first 7500 words of this story were published for free on Stormy Glenn’s ManloveFantasies blog. Over 40,000 words have been added. Custom Solutions is a new series and this story can be read as a complete standalone with no cliffhanger. HEA is guaranteed. This is an MM true mates paranormal story and is intended for adults only.

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My Review

Another great beginning to what looks to be another wonderful series.

I really felt for Cari, winning the lottery is meant to make life better not worse. And it is certainly not meant to put your life in danger. Add into that weird legends and misunderstandings and Cari has a lot to contend with.

At first I wanted to smack Quaid. He really didn’t have the first clue about how to deal with his mate and he put his foot in his mouth so many times I thought he was going to start charging it rent.

Of course, Cari would just turn prickly (literally) and ignore him.

I had lots of favorites bits, but one did stand out as making me laugh loud and long. When Cari is kidnapped his captors think they can just take him to an ATM and get him to empty his bank account of all his winnings. That did not work out well for them at all. Not only does he not give them any money but by the time rescue arrives the kidnappers are fighting among themselves and don’t notice.

As always if you want to see how this comes about and what happens after you’ll have to read this wonderful book yourself.


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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 18.3

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Hi Everyone

Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

As always, all comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 18.3

Tristan pulled Patrick back and let the others get out of earshot before speaking.

“You never answered about the wards. Why isn’t the compound surrounded with them?”

Patrick blinked up at him. “It is.” He frowned. “I thought you were trying to be funny somehow by saying about the wards. I got a mage to ward the compound when our seer was born. It’s why I’ve been stumped as to how someone got in to take her. However, I didn’t want to worry Kitryn and Simon any more than they already are about Fran. I’ve doubled the guard around the compound and have been working with my second to investigate all points of entry and escape. So far we’ve found nothing.”

Tristan matched Patrick’s frown. “There are no wards anywhere near the den compound. I saw the guards but they didn’t see me until I wanted them to. Any mage worth their magic would be able to get in here. Who did you get to place the wards? And how much did you pay them?”

“I got Michael to do it. And I got Milly to test them in my presence. I saw them there and working. I saw Milly get zapped when she tried to cross without my permission. The only one who would be able to disable those wards without having to break them and so declaring their presence to the entire den would be Michael, or maybe you. But, if he…” Patrick’s eyes went wide.

Tristan nodded. I think we know now which mage this Cynthia has. And since I know Michael, I don’t believe he would be helping her willingly. So, either she has Milly and the baby, or she has something else to use as blackmail. From what you’ve all told me so far about her I am leaning towards her having his mate and baby. I didn’t think there’s anything bad enough to blackmail him with that he would do this otherwise.”

Patrick was shaking his head. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. Every time I think things can’t get any worse, they do. What do we do? The only seer we have is an untrained child and we seem to be three steps behind this bitch at every turn.”

Tristan shook his head. “You need to start working together. And that includes letting the ‘untrained child’ help. If this visitor Meg saw had had any evil intent Fran’s power would have warned her. Child, she may be, but her power will allow her to speak as when is needed, or allowed by the fates. You all need to start listening to her and working together.

“Did I hear right you have a merman here too?”

Patrick raised his gaze from where it had fallen to the ground. “Yes, he mostly stays in the infirmary as Cheryl has his mate and the medics are trying to combat the mating sickness without putting him into a coma.”

“I may be able to help with that. I can—”

“Are you two coming? Or are you going to stand around gossiping like a pair of old women all night?” Kitryn had appeared back around the hallway corner and was tapping his foot.

Patrick shook his head. “Don’t let the females in the den hear you say that. We’re coming.”

They headed after Kitryn and Tristan let the problems twist and turn in his mind. There seemed to be so many questions and very few answers. The time had come for a bit of a shakeup and he knew just how to do it.

Thank you for reading  

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Cia Nordwell

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Update – New Release, Giveaway Reminder, Works in Progress

Happy Valentine’s Day to all

Hope everyone’s February is going well.

Okay on with the update.

New Release

Wrong Becomes Right came out on the 8th. It is a contemporary romance where a message sent to the wrong person can be the best thing to ever happen. There is a Rafflecopter giveaway currently live to win a kindle edition of this new release. There are also two sets of Key Rings and Magnets up for grabs that feature my current release book covers. Act quickly the giveaway closes on Sunday 17th.

Works in Progress.

Help my Lover’s an Alien

It is almost finished. I am currently working on proofing it to of the best of my abilities before deciding where to submit it to. My thanks go out to everyone who has beta read it and suggested changes/improvements. The current word count is 40,000 and I am expecting to add at least another two to three thousand words with the proofing clean up process.

Historic fantasy world.

So, on Saturday Prince Tristen introduced you to my new world and the kingdom of Ruxox. He told you a brief history of his family and how the kingdom was formed.

This Saturday we will meet one of the Royal Guards, Hugh, and he will be telling you more about his and his fellow guards’ role in the kingdom and more about the Pegasus’ and their role.

Unison Island

This series is on hold. I am concentrating on finishing Help my Lover’s an Alien because it was nearer to completion than this one. Book one, however, has currently been doubled in size and there is still more to add/change.

Thanks for reading

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 18.2

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Hi Everyone

Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

As always, all comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 18.2

Tristan looked at the couple sitting on the couch. He could see the mate bond connecting them. It was a glowing bronze and he knew as their bond deepened it would change through silver to a chain of brilliant gold. He pushed down a thread of jealousy, he had searched for his mate for centuries and he was still looking. He didn’t care what his mate was; shifter, mage, vampire, male, female, inter-sex, tall, short…He just wanted to be loved the way he could see Kitryn and Simon loved each other. To know there was someone who would put him first in everything and would love him for him and not his family name, his money, or his position with the High Council.

More people entered and Elder Patrick motioned him over to meet them. He pasted on his politician smile and—who was that?

Patrick’s voice broke through his shock. “Elder Tristan, this is Elder Carl of the Jade Coven. Now if everyone can please take a seat we can get down to business.”

Tristan sat next to Elder Carl and tried to keep his attention on Patrick as he laid out the problems they were having. In addition to what they called ‘The Cheryl Problem’, they also had a being possibly trying to sway their newest seer’s power. These people really were magnets for trouble.

When they’d finished telling him the story Tristan sat back with a sigh—and tried to ignore the sparks that went through his arm when it brushed Elder Carl.

“I can do what Meg is asking and boost Fran’s power to be able to see more and for longer. However, I believe we should deal with the issue of her uninvited visitor first. Has anyone spoken to her and asked her at least who this visitor appears as? And has anyone disturbed her room since the last visitation? I may be able to get a residual energy signature that may tell us at least what visited.”

Kitryn seemed relieved. “No one has been near the room since Meg saw what she thought was Fran’s mother.” Tristan nodded, so the visitor was taking a form the child would be most likely to trust. Kitryn continued, “No one has spoken to her about the visit because we didn’t want to scare or upset her. She has long lost her mother. To then be told the being visiting her may not be her mother could cause her to grieve all over again.”

Tristan saw his point but— “You do realize that with her power Fran would probably sense if something a threat to her. The visitor may not be her mother, but from the sounds of it, it isn’t malevolent. However, everyone can be wrong, and I will, of course, make sure your little seer is as safe as I can make her.

“Now, has anyone thought of putting wards around the den to ensure the protection of everyone inside? I don’t mind doing it, my companions who accompanied me can help with the power I’d need.”

Patrick gave him an innocent smile—that Tristan didn’t believe for one second and his senses went on alert.

“Vampires can help mages with power as well. Or so I’ve heard. What do you think Carl?” Patrick and most of the group turned to Carl. Tristan was too busy glaring at Patrick. He knew the shifter was up to something. But what?

“Yes, vampires can help with power. But only as a conduit. We make it easier for a mage to draw power from non-mage beings by acting as a bridge.” Carl’s voice was smooth as fine whiskey and Tristan fought the urge to get the man to say more so could keep listening.

Another voice broke into his quickly spiraling thoughts.

“A bridge? How does that work?” The question came from Simon. Tristan thought he must be missing some of the story. How did even a new vampire not know the basics of their kind? If Carl was his sire, as Tristan assumed he was, then the elder was neglecting his duties.

Carl was answering the young male. “I just have to be touching the mage and the being they want to draw power from. I can also break the connection at any time if I think the source person is being drained too far to be safe.”

Simon nodded and Kitryn whispered in his mate’s ear. Simon nodded again and leaned back, snuggling into Kitryn’s side.

Tristan shook himself and decided his questions could wait for now.

“No time like the present. Why don’t I see Fran’s room and at least I can put your minds at rest about her visitor having good or bad intent.”

Everyone started moving to a chorus of agreements.

Thank you for reading  

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GIVEAWAY – Win a Kindle book, keyrings, and magnets. #Giveaway #Win

To celebrate my recent release I am giving away a full set of keyrings and magnets featuring all my current book covers.

One lucky winner will also win a Kindle copy of Wrong Becomes Right.

All you have to do is click the link below to go to the Rafflecopter giveaway page.

Rafflecopter Giveaway


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New Release – Out Now – Wrong Becomes Right By Carol Pedroso #NewRelease #OutNow #Me

As the title says, I have a new release out now.

Wrong Becomes Right is a contemporary short read, great for a lazy evening on the couch with a nice hot drink to escape the cold winter.

When Kevin receives a message meant for someone else, little does he know how his life will change.


Kevin receives a message via a dating app, but his hopes are dashed when he realizes it’s meant for someone else. The guy sounded perfect.

He tells the guy he has the wrong user and thinks nothing of it until he gets another reply, and then another. Before he knows it, he has a new friend in Brian.

Brian is as perfect as he first sounded, and if Kevin harbors lustful thoughts about his new pen pal? Well, no one knows but him. Right?

Then a fall and an interfering sister intervene. Add in an unwanted birthday party and an overeager twink, and who knows what will happen?

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