Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 9.3

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Chapter 9.3

Elder Simon watched the cat shifter bristling with amusement. There was nothing he liked better than rubbing cats up the wrong way and then sitting back to watch the show. The cat really seemed to be attached to the vampling. Although, after hearing their story a bond between two adults caring for a family in danger wasn’t so inconceivable.

He was looking forward to meeting the child, Fran. For one so Young to have such power was rare, and he hadn’t seen anything like it in centuries. The last had been…no he didn’t want to go down that particular memory lane, at least, not until the information was absolutely needed.

He turned his attention back to the vampling. “So, Simon, what do you know about what you now are?”

Simon sent a smile at Kitryn. “Kitryn has taught me about feeding and has kept me safe from the sun when we were traveling. I know I am stronger and faster than I was when I was human. I’ve been told I look pale, I assume from the lack of sunlight, and I think my hair has stopped growing…”

Carl nodded. “Yes, you are correct about your hair. In effect, once you were turned your body was dead. Your Sire would have had to drain you completely before he gave you some of his blood. Otherwise, the death magic contained within the blood wouldn’t work. Of course, your Sire should have-”

“Do not call him that. Calling him my Sire, makes it sound like he meant to turn me.”

Carl frowned. “What do you mean meant to turn you? How else did you become turned?”

Simon smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “I bit him. When he sunk his fangs into my neck I bit down in pain and it happened his arm was near my mouth. I ripped out a chunk of his flesh and my mouth filled with his blood. The last thing I remember is pain and the sound of him cursing. The rest is as I told you when I woke up.”

Carl knew his mouth was hanging open but he didn’t care. When Simon had told his story he had started from waking up already turned. Carl thought the vampling’s sire had left him while he slept. He had never thought that the sire hadn’t even meant to turn but to kill. Vampires that went around killing had to be stopped. They increased the chances of humans finding out about the supernatural world and that would mean a return to the wars of old. He’d lived through one such war and had no intention of repeating the experience if he could help it.

“I found my cave nad stayed there until Kitryn found me.

Carl frowned, he would have thought a person’s first thought after waking up and not really knowing what had happened, would be to try and get home or to get help.

“Why did you not head for somewhere familiar? Were you too far from home? Do you not have family looking for you?”

The look of pain that flickered across Simon’s face almost had Carl retracting his question, but he felt it was important.

“I don’t have any family. They’re all dead. No one will be looking for me.”

Carl met Kitryn’s stunned gaze. What had happened to this man? The pain in Simon’s eyes called to all Carl’s protective instincts. He hadn’t sired a vampling for a few centuries, so all his children had moved out on their own and only contacted him to keep him up to date on what was happening and here they were. He could take the time away from the clan to make sure this vampling got the care and instruction he needed. Although the current situation was important, so was Simon’s education and training.

“I’ll be here for the foreseeable, so I will take on your training and education. If that is something you are amenable to? I have trained seven vamplings and they have all, to my knowledge, turned out to be well rounded individuals.”

Simon snapped his head up. “You’d be willing to do that?”

“Yes, I would. But, you will have to trust me and I will need to know about your life before you were turned. Any little thing can have an impact on your new life.”

Simon seemed to freeze, then he let out a long low sigh. “It’s not a long story. I may as well fill you and Kitryn in at the same time. He has a right to know about the person he’s been helping all this time.” Simon glanced up at Kitryn. “And I would feel better having him with us.”

Carl nodded and turned to Elder Patrick. “Can we trouble you to allow us to use this room for a while? It is better to get this out the way and we can not do anything until some of the others arrive.”

Patrick nodded and left the room after making sure that had everything the needed.

Carl relaxed back into the couch. “Begin when you’re ready.”

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 9.2

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 9.2

Kitryn could feel Simon’s gaze on him as they walked along the corridor. Something felt different but Kitryn couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

They arrived back at the main meeting room and Kitryn turned to Simon. “Simon this is Elder Carl of the Jade Vampire Clan. Elder this is Simon of the Zinston Pride.”

Kitryn could smell Simon’s confusion but he refused to introduce Simon as a lone vampire. Their little family had created a pack of sorts so he was claiming Simon before this Elder decided to try.

“Simon it is a pleasure to meet you.” The elder swept an elaborate bow and Kitryn suppressed a snort. The elder looked like he’d just walked off a catwalk somewhere. He wore a three-piece light gray suit that was obviously expensive and super shiny black shoes that clicked on the hard floor as he moved. He wore several rings and a watch that Kitryn thought looked like a picture he’d once seen of a Rolex.

Simon smiled. “Thank you, elder, I am sorry to meet under such circumstances.”

Carl seemed to study Simon in minute detail and Kitryn had to fight the urge to growl. What was the vamp thinking? Did he find Simon lacking in some way? If he did he could just run back to where he’d come from. No one was allowed to look down on any of his family.

“Please call me Carl.” Carl’s voice broke into Kitryn’s swirling thoughts.

Kitryn looked round to see Carl holding a hand out to Simon. Moving quickly Kitryn hooked an arm around the one Simon was reaching out with and steered him towards a comfortable couch.

“Let’s sit and we can make sure everyone is up to date with what has been happening.”

The others took seats and Simon retold his story, followed by Kitryn, and then Paddy filled in about their seer going missing.

Carl pursed his lips. “So our first priority is to safeguard the remaining seers we know of and get the warning out to as many groups as we can at the same time. The question is how do we know who to trust? If the enemy gets wind that we know what they’re doing they may move up their plans.”

“Can’t we try and gather as many seers as we can here? Maybe they could give us more to go on, and we could keep them safe.” Simon was leaning against Kitryn and Kitryn was happy to support him.

Paddy was already shaking his head. “Most groups are very protective of their seers. Seers are so rare and it is believed to be a blessing to have one born into, or join, your group. I have sent out messages to all our allies, but beyond that, all we can do is get them to do the same. Each group is allied with others so hopefully, the message will spread quickly among only trusted groups.”
Simon sat up straight. “What about the hunters that blew up my cave? Do we know anything more about them?”

Paddy shook his head. “All I’ve heard so far is conflicting rumors. Some say hunters have been seen more often and others say they haven’t seen any for a good while.”
Simon sat back with a sigh, Kitryn wished he could find the answers Simon wanted but he had no one he could contact. He was completely dependent on Paddy and his den of bears.

“I will make sure to ask other clans when I call to issue our warning.” Carl’s voice was silky smooth and Kitryn wanted to shove the smarmy ass out the door, preferably roughing up his stupid perfect suit on the way. He was the head of his little family. He should be the one reassuring Simon. Not this…interloper. Kitryn would just have to make sure this elder knew that Simon belonged with Kitryn’s family. They found him and they were keeping him. No overdressed, stuffy vamp was going to change that.

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 9.1

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Chapter 9.1

A week passed with no more attacks and the small family settled into life in the bear den. The kits made friends with some of the cubs and Simon and Kitryn often found themselves overrun with small animals.

They continued to have regular meetings with Elder Patrick but new leads were few and far between. The only news was that a representative from the nearby Vampire Clan would be arriving that evening. Simon wasn’t sure what he thought about meeting another of his kind. On one hand he could gain someone who would teach him about what he now was, or on the other hand, he could end up with another arrogant being who didn’t want anything to do with him just like his maker.

Kitryn had been trying to distract him and the lits had been helping by getting him involved in their games and mischief. But, now it was only a matter of time until the male arrived and all Simon’s nerves had returned tenfold.

Elder Patrick entered the room where Simon was pacing when Simon was on his fourth circuit.

“Calm down, vamp. Elder Zane is a good vampire and is committed to making sure everyone in his clan is safe and well looked after.”

“But, I’m not in his clan, am I? I’m just a vamp that shouldn’t have been made in the first place.”

“I was pointing out that if he is so good with his own clan that he will look out for you too.”

“Well, please excuse me if I say, I’ll believe that when I see it for myself. Until then please leave me to my pacing as it is stopping me from putting my fist through a wall.”

Patrick sighed. “Have you considered going down to the training room and taking your frustrations out on some sparring or working out?”

Simon perked up at that idea. “I think I will, thank you.”

The training room was large and had a high ceiling. Simon wondered if it was a natural cave or if the bears had dug it out themselves.

Shaking off his thoughts he looked around to see who was around to spar with.

“Hey, Simon.” Jack waved him over. “Looking to spar? My partner just took off on me and I’m at a loose end.”

Simon grinned. “Let me guess, Sally is upset with you again.”

Jacks hangdog expression said it all. Jack was good at doing things to annoy his mate and Sally was fairly easy to antagonize. After watching them bicker and then makeup – Rather ardently – Simon had decided he was glad he was gay. Women were too hard to work out.

They faced off against each other and Jack made the first lunge. Simon ducked and followed up with a hit to jack’s gut. Jack moved so he didn’t take the full hit, but he still was wheezing when they broke apart.

“So, are you and the kitty cat together yet? Or are you still dancing around each other?”

The question threw off Simon’s attention and he hit the ground as Jack connected with his jaw sending him flying.

Simon glared. “That was a low thing to do. And for your information, me and Kitryn are friends, nothing more.”

“Of course you are.” Jack came at him again and he danced away. “I see the looks you send each other when you think the other isn’t looking.”

Simon shook his had and sent three jabs at Jack’s face. “I don’t know what you think you’ve seen, but there is nothing between Kitryn and me other than friendship.” Although Kitryn did have a lovely…No, nope he wasn’t going down that path.

He ducked another jab from Jack and finally sent the bear backward by catching him on the nose. He hooked his keg behinds Jack’s and sent him down to the ground.

The sparring went on until a shout interrupted them. “There you are. Come on, the Elder Vamp has arrived and he’s asking to meet you.”

Simon turned to see Kitryn standing in the doorway. It was time to go and face his future.

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Idioms are Real Game

I was busy this week and so no Wednesday Briefs chapter – but do remember to check out the authors that are writing this week on Wednesday Briefs Website. Instead this week I thought you’d all enjoy a funny short I wrote for @Cia‘s Idiom’s are real game.  We were each given an Idiom and we had to write as though it was real.

My idiom was – Drink like a fish

You should have seen me

“You should have seen me.” Belus spread his arms almost losing his balance on the table he was standing on. “There I was surrounded by no less than five mer-guards. I’d already lost my sword and all I had was a short dagger to fend them off with.

“I feinted to the left.” He suited action to words and knocked someone’s ale over. “But, the one in front of me anticipated it and knocked me down. I got a knee ree to hit him, flipped him off me and got up, just in time to catch another jumping at me. We went back and force with the other four watching and calling out jeers.”

By this time the crowd was laughing at his antics and Belus was jumping from table to table. The tavern was full and Belus was staggering more and more as men plied him with drink to keep his entertaining tales coming.

“I barely escaped with my life and swam back down to the deep caverns to hide out and catch my breath. After I was sure they’d lost interest, I swam back up to try again at getting to the treasure. I got further this time. I got inside the treasure cave.” Belus dropped to a knee in front of a nearby man. “There were piles of gems everywhere. Of every color and size. There were holes in the cave ceiling and light was filtering down and shining on all the walls. Colors blended together to make new ones making a beautiful sight to behold. The lights fell directly onto a throne set in the center of the room. Unfortunately, it was then I realized that the throne was occupied.” Belus made an exaggerated sad face and the crowd laughed. “And that, my friends, is the end of my heroic tale, I ended my adventure in an underwater cell.”

The crowd roared with laughter and Belus slumped onto a bench with another cup of ale.

“How do you come up with all these tales?” one man asked.

Belus smiled. “They’re all the truth. I don’t have to make anything up.”

The man snorted. “Yeah, right, you’re a merman, and you swam to the bottom of the sea to fight with mer-guards? How did you breathe?”

“Like any other sea creature does.”

The man shook his head in disbelief and moved away muttering about crazy storytellers.

Closing came and Belus stumbled out with the other revelers. After making sure he wasn’t being flowed he headed down to the sea and waded in until he was able to dive under the cold waves.

Belus allowed his shift to take him and sighed in relief when the salt water started to soak into his skin and gills.

Soon all the alcohol was purged from his system and he felt ten times better. He swam for a while longer and then headed for home.

“Hey, dad,” He called as he floated into the entrance of a cave.

“In here, son.”

Belus followed the voice until he came into a large cavern and had to shade his eyes against the glare. Reds, oranges, and greens reflected back and force over the walls.

Once his eyes adjusted he lowered his hand and grinned at his father sitting on the largest chair in the room.

“So.” Poseidon smiled as he spoke. “How was your trip inland, my son.”

Belus made himself comfortable on a pile of soft cushions and helped himself to a cup of wine on a nearby table. “You should have seen me. There I was surrounded by men….”

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Recent Release – Book Review – My Treasure to Keep (The Cloverleah Pack Book 14) by Lisa Oliver


Thomas, paid enforcer in the Cloverleah Pack, was carrying a lot of guilt. He still believed he was to blame for letting Wesley get targeted by the dark elves, almost causing a rift in Cathair and Marius’s mating. The alpha Kane, told him it wasn’t his fault, and Cathair and Marius came through the experience battered but not broken, but Thomas still felt as though he had to prove his worth to himself and the pack. He spends many hours patrolling long after the rest of the pack had gone to bed, determined to do something worthwhile. It was on one of those patrol nights he hears a ruckus outside the territory wards. Dithering as to whether he should help or not, he gets the surprise of his life when his true mate falls right through the magic designed to keep everyone not pack, out.

Ivan was carrying secrets; the main one tucked up in his battered backpack. After a six month long mission to find the Cloverleah pack, he was as surprised as the next man when he fell onto pack grounds and into the arms of his true mate. Unfortunately, other pack members, still emotionally scarred by Wesley’s betrayal, didn’t view his “break in” quite so favorably and Ivan ends up in the Cloverleah cells.

Meanwhile, the dark elves are getting closer and more brazen in their efforts to ensnare the Cloverleah pack. Pack tensions are running high and something needs to be done and soon. Through it all, Thomas and Ivan have to navigate their mating and learn to trust in each other. Secrets will hit the light of day and life for the Cloverleah pack may never be the same. As for Thomas and Ivan – time is running out for them too. A chance arrow, a ray of sunshine; will it mean Ivan and Thomas will get their HEA or will they fall at the last hurdle along with the rest of the Cloverleah pack?

My Treasure to Keep is the twelfth full novel in the Cloverleah pack (there are also two shorter works, which is why this is labeled on Amazon as number 14). It is advised to read the previous books to gain an understanding of the secondary characters and main plot lines. This is an M/M paranormal story featuring true mates. Warnings include graphic language, intimate situations, and some violence. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Buy Links

Amazon UK

Amazon US

My Review


I was excited to see this newest addition to the Cloverleah Series. Being in the UK has its advantages and I got it at one minute past midnight. I managed to make it to the halfway point before sleep won out and I had to put it down. I picked it up as soon as I was home the next day and loved every minute of it.

I’m not going to say what Ivan is or what his secret is, but I will say that those of you who read Lisa’s books regularly may be able to make a good guess before the big reveal.

Kane manages to get himself into trouble with half his pack as usual and this time Adair joins him, I was tempted to offer them shovels to either try and dig themselves out of trouble or to aid them in digging deeper faster.



There’s fighting, loving, and laughing. Lisa has really surpassed herself with this story and I can’t wait to see what the Cloverleah Pack get up to next.


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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 8.5

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 8.5

“Maybe the hunters were a coincidence,” Meg offered. “I mean just because if they were working for Cheryl they wouldn’t have blown up the cave. The cave in would have killed Fran and then Cheryl wouldn’t be able to use her.”

Kitryn nodded thoughtfully. “I think we need to work on the assumption they are working together until it’s proved otherwise. It wouldn’t do to discount the hunters and then have them appear out of nowhere when we least expect them.”

They all agreed and Meg said she was going to try and see what gossip she could pick up amongst the females of the den.

Kitryn and Simon both decided to settle with a drink on the couch to watch the kits playing.

Nelson and Peter were in kitten form growling and jumping on each other. Fran was laying on her front in human form and Simon suppressed a grin when she timed it perfectly to grab at the boys’ tails as they passed her.

The room echoed with yowling and hissing, then Fran yelped and scrambled to get away from the boys as they both turned on her. Simon watched as both boys battered a her with sheathed claws and once they got her on her back they attacked her face with their rough tongues. Simon had been on the receiving end of a tongue a few times, it was like being rubbed with damp sandpaper.

Fran was giggling non-stop and tickling the boys on the bellies whenever she could reach. It was good to see the kits having the chance to play and be young for a while with no threats hanging over their heads.

At some point Fran shifted as well and then there were three kits running in circles on the rug. Simon turned to tell Kitryn they needed to see if someone had a camera they could borrow, but he didn’t get past the first syllable before he let out a startled yell.

One of the boys had jumped in his lap presumably to escape the others. That had resulted in the other boy trying to follow and knocking the first off, who had then used his claws to try and stop his fall. Fran just sat watching with her head tilted to one side, then a mischievous glint shone into her eyes and Simon didn’t have a chance to defend himself before he had a third kit flinging herself onto his lap.

Kitryn laughed as Simon tried to get on boy off his leg, and Fran and the other boy separated on his lap. In the end, he sorted the problem by picking up the boy on his lap and dumping him onto Kitryn’s lap. The boy trying to climb his leg switched his attention immediately and sunk his claws into Kitryn’s calf.

Simon grinned at Kitryn’s hiss. He turned his attention to Fran and scratched behind her ears until she was purring and had curled up in a cosey ball. She was soon asleep and Simon sat back to watch the show of Kitryn trying to calm the hyper boys down and convince them that they were indeed tired enough to have a nap.

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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 8.4

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 8.4

Silence followed Kitryn’s explanation and everyone jumped when Elder Patrick slapped his hands down on the table.

“That woman thinks it’s okay to take other people’s powers? To help herself to more than fate decided she was capable of using? Who does she think she is? And to try and take a child? No, that will not be allowed.”

“Um, things may be worse.” The interruption came from a male further down the table.
Elder Patrick jerked his head up. “What do you mean Xander?”

“Well, I was informed on my way to this meeting that Seer Wanda is missing and has been since last night.”

Shouts erupted around the table.

“The seer is gone?”

“Why are we only just hearing about this?”

“How long was she gone before she was missed?”

“We have to organize a search party to find her.”

“What if she’s already dead?”

The last comment caused silence to descend and Fran’s voice whispered out into that silence.

“She is not dead and you have time to save her.” Heads turned and Kitryn stared at Fran’s blank eyes, her voice was low and stilted, completely unlike her usual tone. She sounded like she was reading from something that no one else could see.

Fran continued as though nothing was out of the ordinary. “To retrieve what has been stolen and to end the evil moving in your midst, clans, prides, packs and all other supernaturals must unite.

“The evil will target all Seers and all must be warned and protected at all costs.

“Heed these words of warning or suffer the consequences.”

As soon as she’d finished speaking Fran slumped, her head falling to her arms on to the table.

“Fran!” Kitryn’s cry of alarm jolted everyone back into action.

Simon reached for Fran at the same moment as Kitryn, they pulled her up and moved next to each other so she was cradled between them.

Her breathing was even and she seemed to be sleeping but Kitryn wanted to be sure and he especially wanted to know what had happened.

“She’s coming round,” Simon breathed against Kitryn’s cheek as they both bent to get a better look at Fran’s face.

“Kitty?” Fran’s voice was confused as though she had just woken up from a long sleep.

“I’m here sweetheart, so is Simon.” Kitryn brushed some hair off her face. “Do you remember what just happened?”

Fran’s nose scrunched up as she thought and then she shook her head. “Everyone was yelling. Then I sitting here.”

Meg spoke up drowning out the others at the table who were getting loud again. “Her powers are growing and fast. That was a Seer’s trance. They never remember what they’ve said, that is left to whoever hears what’s said. We need to write down what she said before we forget any of the details.”

Paper was produced and Xander acted as scribe until everyone was happy with the result.

By then Patrick had retaken control of the meeting.

“So we need to start a list of things to do. First will be making sure Fran and her family are protected. To that end, I am offering them full sanctuary and the full protection of this Den. Anyone disagree?” there were head shakes and so Patrick continued. “Okay, next is trying to follow the commands of our newest Seer. How do we contact all the supernaturals to pass on the warning without tipping our hand to the enemy? We don’t want them to know we’re onto them.”

“We can start with the groups we know and are allied with first and work from there,” someone offered.

“Good idea, Jeremy. I’ll contact the Jade Vampire Clan first, they’re nearest and the largest allie we have. From there we’ll liaise with Elder Carl. As we add more allies we’ll have more Elders to help with ideas and spreading the word.”

The meeting broke up and Kitryn and Simon ushered Meg and Fran back to their room before anyone could stop them to start asking the questions Kitryn knew people wanted the answers to.

Once they were safely back in their rooms and Fran was playing with the other kits Kitryn turned to Meg. “Start talking. What do we need to do? How do we deal with this.”

“And how do the Hunters that made us leave my cave come into this? Are we facing two enemies or one working together?”

Kitryn groaned they had more questions than answers and he was getting sick of being behind the eight ball.

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