P.O.E.T.S Day – Peptalk by Headstall (Gary)

Welcome to poets day. Today is another great poem by Gary.

To find out more about Gary check out the first GA story review I did for him a while back – Morningstar



Such a vicious trap to indulge in self-pity

Might feed you a meal but it seldom looks pretty

So often your troubles are ones you can’t disown

Trite sympathy is naught but a second rate loan


Always look ahead and if need be, bite your tongue

Wallow, and take the chance your own bell might be rung

Shrug off all the bullshit like an ill-fitting coat

Guarantee you sink or get on the fucking boat


Self-preservation is what rules our very core

Drop your damn baggage and leave it outside the door

Do something, anything, to help clear your own way

Karma’s a witch and she enjoys making us pay


There’s no fair game to play when you feel powerless

Whining about your luck only mires you in mess

Accept there can be problems, alone you can’t fix

All you can do is keep both your hands in the mix


Life is not ever the promised bed of roses

People can fool you as they go through their poses

Toss life’s magic dice and witness where it all lands

When fate plays her trump card, it is out of your hands.

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GA Review – Big Boy Pants by Headstall (Gary)


Welcome to another GA Review post. We’re back with Gary as my GA featured author.

To find out more about Headstall see my first review staring him.


Big Boy Pants


Caleb’s sanctuary is unexpectedly invaded, at a time he is feeling vulnerable, and it leaves him with no choice but to deal with some unfinished business.

My Review:

This story makes me think of the importance of communication and patience.

Caleb thinks he’s not wanted and so he drops out and leaves home. Dalton needed time to come to terms with his feelings, but by the time he does Caleb is gone.

Caleb ignores texts and calls thinking the worse. What if he’d answered his phone? What if he’d not left? Well, you can keep going with the what ifs all day. But, the main thing is they finally talk and this time they take time to stay and listen as well.

A fascinating read.

A well-written read 5*s

Just click the link here and read it for FREE now… Read Big Boy Pants


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Wednesday Briefs – Here Kitty Kitty Chapter 7.3

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Hi Everyone

Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. All comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of this post.

Chapter 7.3

“When can we go home?” “I want to go back to grandma’s house.” “I’m tired.”

The kits had been wonderful, but the constant traveling was wearing on all of them and the kits most of all. Simon felt Kitryn tense and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Deep breath,” he muttered and received a tight smile.

Meg had moved to walk with the kits and she could be heard explaining once again why they couldn’t return to her house.

Simon looked at the sky. “We need to find shelter soon.” Kitryn nodded and they started checking the sides of the path looking for anything that may indicate a way to head. They had decided early on to only travel at night. Not only would it be more convenient than Kitryn having to carry Simon, it also made it harder for the hunters to track them. Meg had used strong smelling flowers to cover their scent and Kitryn used branches as brooms to dust away their tracks.

They found shelter and it wasn’t long before Simon felt the now familiar lethargy falling over him. “We need to make a better plan he managed to say to Kitryn before he fell into unconsciousness.


Kitryn was standing watch when he heard footsteps approaching. He turned to see Simon and grinned.

“Awake again,” he called softly by way of greeting.

Simon came up beside him. “Yep, so starts another night in the life of the differently alive.”

Kitryn shook his head. It had taken a long while for he and Meg to convince Simon he wasn’t an undead thing now. Vampires were a funny species. The most common perception was that a vampire drained all the blood from a human and replaced it with their own. Well, that was impossible. The vampire would have to drain themselves entirely to replace their intended turnee’s blood. Thus draining themselves and therefore killing themselves. No, all a vampire did was drain their intended until the were unconscious an then give them the equivalent of a cupful of vampire blood. Then it was just a case of waiting and seeing if the turning took. The new vampire would wake up hungry and confused. The sire would then be responsible for their new child until the young one had full control. If Kitryn ever found out who had turned Simon and left him, the vampire would regret his actions.

“So,” Simon said as he sat on the ground near Kitryn’s watch post. “Any ideas on a plan. We can’t just keep running with no direction in mind.”

Kitryn looked up at the stars. “Meg reminded me of a few nearby shifter groups. There’s a wolf pack about two nights journey to the north and there’s a bear den three night’s journey to the southwest.”

“Which do you think would be the more welcoming?”

“well, the wolves are usually a rather standoffish group. And some packs have a kill first, ask questions—such as ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Why are you here?’—later. The bears are more welcoming but they are also further away and that increases our chances of getting caught.”

Simon seemed to be thinking. “Who is our best defense against the hunters if we reach them?”

“The bears,” Kitryn instantly replied. “The bear’s den is in a cave and the hunters can’t approach without being seen and the bears can pick them off before they get anywhere near us or the kits.”

“Then I think the bears are our best bet. If you’re able to take the extra work, we can keep moving part of the day as well and you can carry me. But only if it doesn’t put any of us in danger.”

Kitryn nodded. “We’ll rest here for tonight and start out a noon tomorrow. I’ll carry you until you wake up and then we can stop of food and rest before carrying on through the night. That way we’ll have three adults to the three kits and we can carry them if or when they get tired.”

Kitryn grinned as Simon nodded and let his head fall against Kitryn’s leg. I felt good to have a plan, that meant they wouldn’t be moving aimlessly anymore and, in a few days, they would hopefully have some protection.

Kitryn allowed himself to slide down the tree he was watching from until he and Simon were leaning on each other. Simon’s vamp senses would warn them if anyone tried approaching. Meanwhile, it was good to just relax and look at the stars.


Thank you for reading  

For more great stories from more great authors click the links below or visit the Wednesday Briefs website

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Book Review – Cupid’s revenge by Ellen Cross


Ever felt that instant spark when you meet someone you have never seen before? That shot of electricity at the first touch? Or what about an overwhelming sense of déjà vu at a mere glance? No, it’s not love at first sight, but instead it’s the work of a cupid.

Cupids aren’t angels, or the stereotypical cute little cherubs wearing a loincloth and wielding a bow loaded with heart-tipped arrows. Cupids are actually humans, recruited by Heaven for their overwhelming surplus of love within their heart, and gifted with the ability to share a small touch of that love with others—unseen by the human eye as they bring soul-mates together.

But what happens when someone upstairs gets their paperwork mixed up and recruits the wrong person? What happens when the person they recruit has no overflowing amount of love…in fact, they have no love at all within their heart?

Liam is so sick and tired of all the hearts and flowers shit every Valentine’s Day. The build-up to the day…irritating, the actual event…torture. Just for once, he would love to get away from the whole experience. Fate on the other hand has a very sarcastic approach to his plea. An accident at the Heavenly bookkeeping department sees Liam enlisted into the ranks of Creating Unlimited Possibilities Into Destiny…or CUPID for short.

Unable to get a single person to listen to his protests—and teamed with a guy who might actually be cute if he just stopped acting like a kid—he is told to choose his method for deliverance of his love. Liam lets his pissed off attitude choose for him, and revenge on the other cupids becomes his only mission.

This Valentine’s Day, Liam is hunting them down.

My Review

I loved this one because it isn’t your typical valentines romance. Liam is a cynic and professes to not believe in love or romance. Of course, his new work partner is his complete opposite. And we all know what they say about opposites.

The part when Liam realizes his feelings is funny. First, he breaks down and takes the rest of the cupids with him. Then he does a complete turnaround and becomes obsessed with his target.

The ending is predictable but fun and the story is entertaining. A highly entertaining read. 4*s

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KU Book Review – Music to his Ears (The Omega Auction Chronicles Book 6) by Kian Rhodes


(Excerpt from The Omega Rescue: Book One Unlawfully Claimed)
“W-what’s it l-l-like?” Spencer asked, his black eyes wide.
“It’s great.” Thane smiled at the small Omega. “We need to find all of you your perfect match.” He grinned broadly at me.
“I-I-I don’t think there’s an Alpha for me.” Spencer shook his head, a tenuous smile on his face. “I-I better keep l-l-looking for a job.”

Spencer’s story begins….

Max had begun trying to sell me off as breeding stock almost immediately after taking control and was willing to foist me off on anyone who even sniffed in my direction. To his ongoing irritation, as soon as I opened my mouth to speak, all interested parties had turned tail and run. One particularly unkind Alpha had paused in his flight long enough to compare conversing with me to a battery acid mange dip – and then gone on to tell Max that he would prefer the dip.

Unable to send me to the Omega auction – they wouldn’t accept faulty merchandise – Max had found an alternative that in his mind solved all of our problems. It got me off the pack’s teat and found me a home – of sorts. The fact that it meant me agreeing to go into service as a prostitute didn’t seem to bother him at all. That was what had brought him to our shanty that evening. If I couldn’t find a mate in the next week, I’d be shipped off to Howling Hank’s Whore House. Classy name, huh?

Somehow Max must have gotten wind of our plan to thwart him because while Mom was at work the next day, he came to visit me. He wasn’t alone.

“Spencer?” The stranger greeted me, holding his hand out. “I’m Jack.”

I nodded and tried to make my split lip pull up into a smile, wondering if Max had found another Alpha for me to try to impress. I scented the air, but I didn’t smell Alpha. In fact, I didn’t smell anything. I shook his hand and jerked back at a sharp pain in my wrist. I didn’t even have time to question what had happened before the room began to spin. Then, everything went dark.

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My Review

I really liked this book because it shows how there is someone out there for everyone, no matter their perceived differences.

Spencer is sweet and very insecure, but then so is his Alpha, Harry. They make a funny pair, there are misunderstandings and a lot of things are then the wrong way. Then when you add in a kingdom needing a new king, and an uncle who wants Harry dead, and you have an adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

As always, a highly recommended read 4*s

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SPECIAL MEMORIAL POST – R.I.P mogwhy, friend and beta reader.

This week I got the bad news that my GA friend and beta reader mogwhy (known to all as moggy) passed away. She was a great friend and a brilliant poet who could have you weeping or laughing at the drop of a hat with her poetry.

She was also a real character and was always ready with a witty comment to make those of us on the CotT’s forum either groan or laugh.

She wasn’t well recently and we all feared for the worse, but we were also hoping she would surprise the doctors as she had done numerous times before and pull through. Alas, this time it wasn’t to be and we have lost a bright star.

To commemorate my friend I am featuring a set of her poems here. To read more of her wonderful work please visit her profile on GA – Read mogwhy’s poetry here.

These are all about Love. moggy always had a lot of love to share with her friends on-site and I thought this would be a fitting way to remember her.

Moggy’s Mutterings – Chapter 8. Love

  1. Love should be given as a gift–freely, willingly and without thought to getting anything in return. We as humans, forget this


  1. You may not understand the intensity in which I loved,
    nor how I cared about all those whose life’s paths crossed mine,
    but I could not curb that instinct within me to love,
    no matter how it may have wounded me.


  1. Just because you open your heart to love another,
    does not take away anything from the ones you loved before


  1. I loved you yesterday.
    Our love blossomed. Like the bright, shiny silver of newborn steel.
    I love you today.
    Dull gray steel, the backbone in the architecture of our life.
    I’ll love tomorrow.
    Rusty and brittle, it still stand against the hand of time.


  1. Love is an attitude.
    Love is a prayer for the heart in despair.
    Love suffers with the sorrow of another.
    Love rejoices with the happiness of a friend.
    Love gives water when another’s well runs dry.
    Love reaches low to raise someone high.
    Love seeks to light the dark places in the world.

You will be missed moggy

R.I.P my friend

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P.O.E.T.S Day – In my Dottage by Headstall (Gary)

Welcome to poets day. Today is a funny poem by Gary.

To find out more about Gary check out the first GA story review I did for him a while back – Morningstar

In my Dottage.


There’s no mistaking when we’ve been dismissed

Like an insect bite, it’s a slap to our wrist

I’m just an old guy on the outside looking in

And I’ll take any interest as a personal win

As we age some conclude our worth is much less

Eyes will look past us like yesterday’s mess

Time-stamped by wrinkles, our expiration date

There is no stopping the march of our fate

So, some of us clamor to make our last mark

Before our bright light turns endlessly dark

The fresh take over as we step to the side

I’ve seen no button to slow down this ride

Some of us are lucky and our time clock runs slow

We fight to keep living because it’s all we know

No wallowing in self-pity, we’ve had our run

At some point we’ve all had our day in the sun

Little do the young know just how alike we are

They will only learn when they’ve traveled this far

I know my worth, my mind is razor sharp

For sure I can still play a body like a harp

The wrapping is changing and that is a fact

But the package inside is very much intact

Yet flock to the young and the pretty faces

None of them groan when they tie their shoelaces

Meanwhile I’ll keep trudging along my same path

And when aches interfere, I’ll take a hot bath

Gone are the days when I had my own stalker

I’ll soon trade him in for a shiny new walker

Please don’t mistake me, I’m not complaining

Except for the joints that hurt when it’s raining.


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