Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38


Awareness returned to Daniel slowly. He blinked his eyes and started to panic when he realized he was wearing a blind fold. He tried to raise an arm to pull it off and found he couldn’t. the clank of metal told him he was chained to something, somewhere, somehow.

Where was he? How had he got where ever he was? Who had brought him here?

Slowly previous events started to make themselves known. He remembered yelling at Toby then running out the fire exit of the club. Entering the park came back next and how he’d found his phone missing. He’d sat on a bench then… Oh god, he’d been grabbed. That voice, he remembered that voice. “Well, well, Boy. I have you all to myself now, don’t I?”

How was he going to get himself out of whatever mess he was in?

After some careful checking he found his legs were connected together and his arms were chained to his sides. He was naked and fairly sure he was laying on a hard surface that was raised off the ground. The surface he was on felt cold and unyielding along with being very uncomfortable.

Mentally he counted until he had calmed down enough to think rationally. Toby and the others would be looking for him. Toby would call in favors from his government friends when Daniel wasn’t found quickly. He just had to find a way of surviving until help could get to him. How he was going to do that he didn’t know, he just knew he had to do it, or the probability was high he would end up as another body left on the street for Toby, Silas and his friends to find.

He pushed the panic down as it tried to rise up again. What did he know about the man who most likely had him?

He knew the man was going from club to club looking for boys who could take a good whipping. He didn’t like his boys to make noise—he remembered being told to be silent or he’d be gagged. He liked to tie rope tightly and he loved to hit hard.

And he wanted Silas… That was what Daniel was going to do… He would channel Silas. Silas wouldn’t cower and whimper. Silas would be shout and scream, but not in pain. He would be yelling taunts and insults.

Could it work? Could he keep the killer thinking he was Silas? How long had he been unconscious? Were the others already looking for him? Had Toby called for help yet?

So many questions and so few answers.

He laid there, thoughts whirling and no idea he had was any better than the one he had before. He had another go at getting out of the chains, but whoever had chained him had known what they were doing, he wasn’t going anywhere until someone let him go.

The door opening broke into his preoccupation and the blindfold was ripped away.

Daniel stared at the man standing over him. What was he doing here? How did get away from Toby’s watch dogs? What was going to happen now?

“Hello Danny Boy, long time no see. I’ve missed our special time together.”

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