Book Review – Summer Tulips by Emi GS #Preview #Review #helping a friend

My friend Emi has published a poetry book on Amazon and entered it into their self-published book competition. Please help him by borrowing this book on KU, buying it on Amazon, and leaving a rating review on site as well. If you click on the buy link it will take you to the site local to your country (or so I’ve been told).


My Review

This is a collection of poems centered around the MM genre. They were written as part of the National Poetry Month. The range of subjects and style give a good overview of the author’s talent. Each poem has an introduction telling the reader about what the poetry prompt was for that day and a brief explanation of the meaning behind the poem.

It is a great collection and well worth a read. As already stated it is FREE on KU and any ratings and reviews posted to Amazon will help Emi in the competition.



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3 Responses to Book Review – Summer Tulips by Emi GS #Preview #Review #helping a friend

  1. Emi GS says:

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    Thanks for another surprise Caz. I love you so much for this… 🙂

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