Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 13

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The prompts this week was:

“He got a what stuck where?”

Chapter 13

Cade though back to his childhood, after the illness has run its course and his mum had moved them to Witchconspy.

“Witchconspy is an industry town. It has a few industrial estates that produce everything from printing magazines to making windows to go into houses.

“There are a couple of parks but mostly everywhere you look are houses. We have a huge library that stocks books on every subject you would want — except vampires, though, it seems the vamps don’t want people having access to too much information without their knowledge.

“We also have an indoor leisure center, it has a sauna, huge swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym. Membership is free to community residents and surrounding communities pay a small fee.

“My house is in the older part of town. It’s a small two story building with black and white walls. The main room takes up most of the ground floor and has bay windows looking out over my small garden. My kitchen is rather small and usually unused as I can’t cook, but my bathroom is large because I just had it remodeled. But my favorite room is my bedroom — not for what you’re thinking, although if I get you in there it will be the only thing on my mind — when you look out my floor to ceiling windows you get a view over the whole community. It’s because I live on a hill, the view is amazing.”

“I can’t wait to see it,” Louis said, and Cade turned to pull him into a warm hug.

“I need to call Thomas and then we need to sort everything out here before we set off. Going by road it’s going to take about two hours to get there.”


Louis left Cade to his phone call and decided to go and find Casey and Jamie to tell them the news. He knocked on the office door and went in when called.

Jamie was sitting behind his desk and he looked like he hadn’t slept all that well, Casey wasn’t there.

“What can I do for you?” Jamie asked

“Um, I’m going to be returning to Witchconspy with Cade and I wanted to tell you that I will be gone within a few days so you have time to get a replacement for my patients.”

“Oh, that’s fine. It’s about time you took a vacation. How long you going for?” Jamie said pulling some paper toward himself and fishing a pen out of a pot on the desk.

Louis shook his head, “You don’t understand, I’m going with him and staying with him. I’m not planning on coming back to Chapmistres — except maybe on vacation.”

Jamie looked at him in shock, “you’re moving there?”

Louis nodded.

“Oh, but what will you do there?”

“Their witch healer has just left, so I am going to apply for the position. I was going to ask if you could write me a reference. With the community being mostly psychics, I don’t see a p0roblem with my mode of communication.”

“Of course I’ll write you a reference, but are you sure about this? It’s a big step and you’ve only known Cade a short time.”

Louis thought about it a moment and then sent a quick request to Cade, after he got a reply he turned his attention back to Jamie.

“Cade told me I could tell you this, but I must ask you tell no one except Casey and Andrew.” Once Jamie nodded Louis continued, “Cade is part shifter, his shifter half is a beautiful wolf. As you probably know shifters know their mates by their sent, and Cade’s wolf recognized me. Not only that but I feel safe with him and that feeling has been missing for a long time. You and Casey have done a lot for me but I think I need to start fresh somewhere else. Somewhere I can leave the past behind.”

Jamie nodded his understanding, “Okay, I’ll have the reference ready in a day. Do you need any help with anything?”

Louis thank him and said he would let him know if he needed anything else.

As he exited the office he saw a nurse saying “He got a what stuck where?”

Smiling he went to do his duties already planning in his head what of his possessions he would need to take with him now and what could be sent on to him later.

Things were certainly looking up for him…

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